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Fr. Paul Mayer was a hardcore communist sympathizer in the "anti-Vietnam movement" and both his actions and words showed that he was not just a "peace activist" but a supporter of the North Vietnamese/VC.

Paris World Assembly for Peace and Independence of Indochinese People

A combined propaganda effort of the French Communist Party (FCP) and the Soviet KGB and Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), probably its International Affairs Department, the Assembly was a major effort to force those countries resisting North Vietnamese aggression to accept "peace" terms for an agreement that would reward Hanoi's aggression against the South.[1].

Among the American "Hanoi Lobby" religious figures who attended and participated in the Assembly were:

Palestine Human Rights Campaign

A brochure came out in early 1978 announcing "A National Organizing Conference" sponsored by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign to be held on May 20-21, 1978, at American University, with the theme of "Palestinian Human Rights and Peace".

The list of "Sponsors" was a mix of a several groupings including the Communist Party USA and its sympathizers, the World Peace Council, the Hanoi Lobby, black extremists, mainly marxists, radical Christians, and Arab/Arab-American organizations, plus a few phone-booth sized pro-Palestinian Christian groups.

Individual sponsors of the event included Rev. Paul Mayer.

National Committee Peoples Alliance


Those Serving on the National Committee of the Peoples Alliance in 1978 included Paul Mayer, New York Theological Seminary.


In March 1979, the New York radical magazine the Guardian issued an emergency appeal to funds in an effort to save the publication.

Over fifty supporters endorsed the appeal including Fr. Paul Mayer[2]

War Danger and the Lebanon Crisis conference

On February 11 1984, Noam Chomsky addressed "The War Danger and the Lebanon Crisis-Issues For The US Peace Movement" conference, organized by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, held at the United Methodist Building Conference Rooms, Washington, DC.

Other speakers included Dan Connell, Congressman John Conyers, Neta Crawford, Stephen Green, Robin Madrid, Rev. Paul Mayer, Jack O'Dell, Dr. Seth Tillman, Don Will, Ellen Siegel, and Dr. James Zogby.[3]

Climate Crisis Coalition

Circa 2008, members of the Climate Crisis Coalition Steering Committee were[4];

Ross Gelbspan, Ted Glick, Connie Hogarth, Reverend Paul Mayer, Ibrahim Ramey, Tom Stokes , Judith Thompson.

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Father Paul Mayer of the Climate Crisis Coalition, East Orange, NJ signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.[5]


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