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Template:TOCnestleft Paul Carlo is a Los Angeles activist.

Los Angeles District Line of March Groups?



In a circa 1980 report "Consolidated rectification forces", in the Los Angeles area were named as Bruce Embrey, Joe Hicks, Michael Downing, Francoise Spaulding, Virgie Sanchez, William Bollinger, Dan Lund, Laurie Mayeno, Mike Silverberg, Ceci Kahn, Jaime Geaga, Cyrus Keller, Marilyn Taylor.

Karen Bass, Alfred Herredia, Maribel Saloman, Gregg Santillan, Alan Constantino, David Kimbrough, Adele Wallace were named as the "forces working directly under the guidance of the rectification line/unity with line", of what would become Los Angeles Line of March.

"Broader forces" included Fred Beebe (subscriber), Sarah Shuldiner (ex Communist Party USA), Max Shuldiner, Paul Carlo (works with Naroc Klan work), Ben Yanto (KDP, mass activist), Jeff Kremen (used to be in club, looking at TR), Nancy Parsons (anti-imperialist activist), Rhoda Shapiro (anti-imperialist activist, interested in party building), Constance Coiner (was in US history class), Ken Cloke (academic intellectual)