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Paul Blair

Paul Anthony Blair is a New Zealand activist.

SUP connections

  • 1986 June 2, wrote article on Chernobyl in SUP's Tribune.
  • 1988 - June 13, his picture in Tribune. ATC's Unemployed Workers' Union secretary.
  • 1989 SUP letter in George Jackson documents about P.B. applying to join the party.
  • SUP Auckland regional committee 27.1.89 "Paul Blair will be reapplying".
  • 1991 January 28, Wrote article in Tribune "Has Capitalism Changed?"

Street and SUP - (un) healthy association

Maryan Street, far right with SUP supporter Paul Blair (left), SUP members Wayne Ruscoe (next left), Joe Tonner (center front), Bill Andersen (next right, rear), Doug McCallum (second to right, front)

In 1989, the People's Voice, the newspaper of the Communist Party of New Zealand, an article was featured in which it was noted that Street was a Health Effectiveness Studies Coordinator, working alongside Socialist Unity Party member Simon Wallace. As part of this article, there was a photograph of her in the company of SUP members.[1]


In 1991, Paul Blair was an executive member of Bill Andersen's Socialist Party of Aotearoa.[2]


1981 Arrested during occupation of Air New Zealand's offices over a dispute.

1980s allegedly very close associate of Sue Bradford, reportedly found in Devonport Naval base in a distressed state.

1989 Auckland Unemployed Workers Union representative at meeting of the Union, Greenpeace, Auckland CTU and Guardians of the Planet to clean up Manakau Harbour.

In 1990 Blair was charged with willful damage to Laingholm sewage pumping station, with SUP member and Guardians of the Planet” activist, Pat Shepherd.

In 1990 Blair took part with Sue Bradford, in an “invasion” of the Auckland Treasury offices.

1991, November 29, grizzling on radio about arrest of Sue Bradford & Bill Bradford at Auckland Unemployed Workers Union march in Auckland, at which flew red & Maori Marxist flags, also attended by skinheads.

Rotorua Peoples Advocacy Centre

2000 - one of leftists and unionists signing an Socialist Workers Organisation petition, Freedom to Strike, Secretary Rotorua Peoples Advocacy Centre.

2000 Rotorua Benficiaries advocate, Rotorua Peoples Advocacy Centre, meeting since election with Minister of Social Welfare Steve Maharey and Minister of Social Development. <ref.RNZ 00.06.21</ref>

Ritchie email

2002 - was sent Ian Ritchie's email to list mainly ex Workers Communist League and neo Maoists opposing sanctions on Iraq "Oppose the sanctions!"

It is time to send a letter to Helen Clarke to oppose the sanctions which are attached to the Working Towards Employment Plan for people on the DPB. If you missed the submission date then this is your opportunity to persuade the Government to remove the sanctions. Please find a moment in your day to send a letter to Helen Clarke.

January 2002, advocates from around New Zealand carried out a benefit impact in Rotorua organized by Paul Blair, a beneficiary advocate based in Rotorua. The primary purpose of the impact was to encourage and assist people to apply for special benefit though advocates found many other issues people needed assistance with in regard to Work and Income.

Electoral Reform Coalition

2002 - Electoral Reform Coalition contact Rotorua.

Anti iraq War

2003 - Blair was a co-ordinator of the Rotorua Anti-War Movement.


1998 - executive member of newly formed UNITE union for unemployed people, Rotorua. [3]

2003 - Rotorua orgniser UNITE union.

Forced law change

December 2004 - Three Rotorua beneficiaries have forced a law change for single parents with split custody of their children. They have achieved it through an out-of-court settlement with the Ministry of Social Development.

On October 1, 1991, a law was introduced to stop two parents living apart but who had split-custody of their children from both receiving the Domestic Purposes Benefit. One was eligible for the sole-parent benefit and all the benefits that went with it, while the other was entitled to the unemployment benefit.

Rotorua beneficiaries advocate and sole parent Paul Blair argued this was not fair as the parent receiving the Domestic Purposes Benefit was entitled to earn more money when working than the parent on the dole.

Parents receiving the single parent benefit were also entitled to childcare subsidies, a non-recoverable training incentive allowance if attending a course, and didn't have to be work tested, Mr Blair said.

Rotorua sole parents Leon Broughton, Richard Amoroa and Paul Blair started legal proceedings in the High Court at Rotorua against the chief executive of the ministry more than a year ago in an attempt to get a better deal for parents who were not entitled to the sole parent benefit.

In most cases it was the father who was disadvantaged, said Mr Blair.

"We wanted to clarify the situation so it was fairer for everyone," he said. "It's not about more money. It's about the extra benefits we can get by being on the DPB. If these people had known, they might have been able to get childcare and go to work. As it was they lost most of what they made and what was left over was chewed up in childcare costs. It's really about incentive." In the out-of-court settlement the chief executive agreed the second parent in split-custody cases would be entitled to the emergency maintenance allowance, paid at the same rate and with similar advantages as the Domestic Purposes Benefit.

Green Party

2004, Monday 29/11 Whakatane Rotorua 85kms Rotorua 2pm: City Focus (corner of Himemoa and Tutanekai Sts), welcomed by local Greens, councillors and other interested people, tbc. Pot luck dinner with local Greens. Contact Paul Blair, Green Party agent. 021

Workers Charter

2005 - The Workers Charter is personally endorsed by these 119 individuals: SCOOP 11.9.05, including Paul Blair beneficiary advocate (Rotorua).

Drugs charge

In May 2013, Rotorua beneficiaries advocate Paul Blair has been sentenced on cannabis charges - but will not carry out the community detention until his latest appeal has been heard.

The 62-year-old qualified barrister was sentenced in the Hamilton District Court on Monday to three months' community detention with a 9pm to 7am curfew and 100 hours' community work after he was found guilty during a retrial in January of one charge of selling cannabis and one charge of possessing cannabis for the purpose of supply in 2010.

Blair has lodged an appeal to the Court of Appeal against the guilty verdicts, telling the Rotorua Daily Post he was not prepared to accept convictions for offences he did not commit. A date has not yet been set for the appeal, the second time he has challenged the convictions. The sentence has been deferred until the appeal is determined.

Blair said he was correctly sentenced on Monday "on the basis of a single transaction involving a tinny valued at $20". However he was determined to continue with the appeal process.

"I had nothing to do with that transaction and that is why the upcoming appeal is essential.[4]