Palestine Human Rights Campaign

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Palestine Human Rights Campaign


The Palestine Human Rights Campaign first appeared in a full-page newspaper ad in the New York Times in late 1977, from Walnut Creek, Pennsylvania. It apparently was the work of two brothers, James Zogby and John Zogby, who would become more well-known in the future as pro-Palestine Liberation Organization activists, as a national pollster, and a college professor.[citation needed]

The Campaign was established to take advantage of President Jimmy Carter's foreign policy emphasis on "human rights" which proved to be disastrous for the U.S.

National Organizing Conference

A brochure came out in early 1978 announcing "A National Organizing Conference" sponsored by The Palestine Human Rights Campaign PHRC to be held on May 20-21, 1978, at American University, with the theme of "Palestinian Human Rights and Peace".

The list of "Sponsors" was a mix of a several groupings including the Communist Party USA CPUSA and its sympathizers, theHanoi Lobby, black extremists, mainly marxists, radical Christians, and Arab/Arab-American organizations, plus a few phone-booth sized pro-Palestinian Christian groups (as opposed to larger organizations).

Sponsoring Organizations

From this brochure were: Organizations:

Individual Sponsors

  • George Novack - Author (theoretical leader of the Socialist Workers Party SWP; former associate/secretary to Leon Trotsky and delusional communist who actually thought that the Trotskyites were going to beat the Stalinists for the leadership of the world marxist/communist movement. Expected that they would take-over in North Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh despite the fact that Ho wiped out the Trots in the mid-1940's Ta Thu Thau[9].
  • Jack O'Dell - Director, International Department, Operation PUSH, longtime id. CPUSA member, one of the earliest identifications occurred in HCUA, 1956 hearing[10]. He was the personal aide to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in SCLC until his communist identity was revealed. He then was closeted away at the NY SCLC office until, again, exposed as being there when it was said that they had let him go. He then went on to serve as Rev. Jesse Jackson's top aide in Operation PUSH, and later the National Rainbow Coalition, interestingly as their "International Affairs Director." He was a key person in the various "Mobes" of the Hanoi Lobby, the Mobilization for Survival, and many other communist fronts and causes well into the 2000 decade.

O'Dell was identified as a National Committee member of the CPUSA[11]


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