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Paco Fabian


Paco Fabian is the Director of Campaigns for the Marxist group Our Revolution, which was formed to promote Bernie Sanders' Marxist policies. Paco Fabian has served as Communications Director at the Change to Win Federation.[1]

Marxist Group Influencing Joe Biden

Paco Fabian was quoted in an article[2] discussing how Our Revolution members were "activated" to ensure that although Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 presidential election and endorsed Joe Biden, that "Sanders wins enough delegates to push for key reforms in the Democratic platform."

From the article:

"Paco Fabian, the group’s director of campaigns, told CNBC that Our Revolution has activated members in states such as Ohio, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania..."


“Ohio is our focus now. Talking about, especially in the moment, the need for Medicare for All, and if we want to have the ability to push the party in that direction, we need as many delegates as possible,” Fabian said Wednesday. The group has 20,000 active members in Ohio, and they have been phone banking and texting voters to convince them to back Sanders, even though he’s not technically running.
“In the absence of an active Bernie campaign, we are pushing folks to vote for the delegates,” he said, noting they need at least 25% of the total delegates in order to have any of their issues considered and possibly added to the party’s platform.
Our Revolution’s move comes as the Biden campaign has sought to make peace with other liberal and progressive organizations...

Checkpoint Planning Call

Paco Fabian was invited to the Checkpoint Planning Call in December 2016, a meeting "for anyone who is wanting to organize a blockade of a check points on the Day of Trumps Inauguration." The group writes: "Join us in planning a strategic action that will help set the stage of resistance for the next four years."[3]