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Template:TOCnestleft Out to Win!, first issue February 2019, is the publication of LeftRoots.

Editors of Issue 1


Editors of Issue 1 of Out to Win! included:

Ying-sun Ho, N'Tanya Lee, Mike Leyba, Wende Marshall, Milena Velis, Steve Williams

Spanish translation:

Yahaira Carrillo Rosales, Alex Deane, Rubi Hurta, Luis Lopez, Florencia Manovil, Alejandra Marroquin, Marisol Ocampo, Graciela Viturro

Design: Josh Warren-White

LeftRoots Strategy Lab Advance Team

LeftRoots Strategy Lab Advance Team, 2019.


LeftRoots Unicorn Collective

LeftRoots Unicorn Collective, February 2019:


Unicorns include: Adlemy, Cynthia Peters, Erika, Luz, Najla Gomez, Rose Brewer, Tara, and more.

Role of Asian American and Pacific Islander Movements

The Role of Asian American and Pacific Islander Movements: Race, Nationality Oppression and Revolutionary Strategy.

Out To Win: Issue 1, page 7

By Carolyn Chou, Cecilia Lim, Lydia Lowe, Don Misumi, Miranda Singh OFaolain, Jensine Raihan, Helena Wong. Out to Win!