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Anne Barnett and Odessa Kelly

Odessa Kelly is a Nashville Tennessee activist. Odessa Kelly is an organizer with Nashville Organized for Action and Hope, an interfaith group in the city and a member of the coalition Stand Up Nashville.[1]

She is closely affiliated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


COVID-19 Town Hall


Austin Sauerbrei-Brown April 27 2020·

When it comes to addressing #COVID19, we need things like paid sick leave, emergency rent relief, mandatory PPE, and access to testing to move forward. But our local government’s hands are tied. We need to Gov. Lee to use his emergency powers to free up our local officials to support working families!

Join us TONIGHT at 7pm EST for a virtual Town Hall highlighting how we can empower our local leaders to address COVID-19 and support working families. We'll hear from local elected officials, workers and organizers on the front lines.

Speakers include:

Hosted by Stand Up Nashville, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, United Campus Workers Tennessee Justice Center, Workers Interfaith Network (Memphis, TN), A Better Balance, 2019 City Council Movement - Knoxville, NOAH - Nashville Organized for Action and Hope, Central Labor Council of Nashville & Middle TN, Wendland Cook Program in Religion and Justice, SEIU Local 205, Memphis for All, Chattanooga Area Central Labor Council, Central Labor Council of Memphis & West TN.


Stand Up Nashville Co-Chairs Odessa Kelly & Anne Barnett.[2]

Lumumba with FRSO comrades


Anne Barnett, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Odessa Kelly, Vonda McDaniel

Union Pride

Anne Barnett June 24, 2017:

  1. UnionPRIDE #1u #1uPride #unionsiblings #standtall — with Kim Sansom, Odessa Kelly, Marie Campbell and Heather Denise Wynne.

Memphis Solidarity Brigade

The Memphis district of Freedom Road brought together cadre from around the nation to support a local organizing effort, Memphis For All, to apply our line and strategy to local elections. The Path to Power Memphis for all Solidarity Brigade took place in mid-July 2018 to culminate with an early voting canvassing effort.

Thomas Wayne Walker May 29 2018:

yo!!! i'm excited to invite y'all to sign up for a program focused on learning, on-the-ground, about building political power as leftists, revolutionaries and radicals in working class communities of color that are left out & shut out of politics. the path to power memphis solidarity brigade will combine training & actual field work in support of justice organizations engaging in electoral work to build power, like memphis for all, labor unions, and more. you can sign up at this link https://goo.gl/forms/wemUNfG4SxbusyHo1

it's listed as wednesday 7/18-sunday 7/22, but the real programming is focused on thursday 7/19-saturday 7/21. housing and food are supported, and other support is available. i'm hoping especially to get folks from tennessee to do it, so we can start really thinking about building a #tennesseeforall. hit me up if you're interested, apply now to get in on this.


Thomas Wayne Walker, Jyoti Gupta, Lindsey Glenn Krinks, Whitney Washington, Briana Perry, Anna Carella, Ramon J. Ryan, David Alex Hayes, Elizabeth Stanfield, Dana Smith, Anne Barnett Josh Adams, Ashley Caldwell, Erica Renee, Deja Foster Justin A. Davis Justin Jones, Sj Payne, Salma Mirza, Jasmine Wallace, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Chris Brooks, Haley Greenwell, Odessa Kelly. Aaron Gamal, Cazembe Jackson, Eliott Geary. Frank W. Johnson, John Emery, Allie Cohn, Calvin Cheung-Miaw.

Working People's Town Hall

Vonda McDaniel October 26 2018:

  1. laborvotes2018 — attending Working People's Town Hall and March to the Polls with Michael Callahan-Kapoor, Anne Barnett, Aj Starling, Odessa Kelly, Erick Huth and AFGE Local 2400 at Casa Azafran.


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