Occupy Tampa

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Occupy Tampa

DSA influence

Democratic Socialists of America member Shannon Jenkins, was part of Occupy Tampa since Oct. 1. 2011. [1]

While the group has a steady core of passionate occupiers, and while there has been a constant 24/7 occupation at Curtis Hixon Park and the adjacent Kiley Gardens, the numbers vary from day to day. OT holds a general assembly every day at 7pm in a greek style amphitheater, which seems the most appropriate place for direct democracy to take place.

Occupy Tampa stands in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement but has remained community centered by feeding and clothing many of the city's homeless who are now apart of our OT family as well as marching in solidarity with the city's fire department as they approach the city for collective bargaining rights. OT is trying to plan themed events for each weekend, this weekend being Veteran's Affairs weekend we marched in solidarity with the Veteran's for Peace this morning, and we have a few Veteran speakers coming out to address our group tomorrow.

Overall my experience at OT has been life changing. Never before have I known so many people from such diverse political ideologies who are aware of our shared reality and willing to take steps towards being the change we all wish to see.