Occupy Santa Cruz

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Occupy Santa Cruz

Occupy Santa Cruz is one one a number of Occupy organizations that have held demonstrations in their city as well as linking up with other Occupy groups in the West Coast labor-support movement re striking truck drivers, clerks, etc.

Individuals Identified as Having Been Members of or Affiliated with Occupy Santa Cruz and Its Activities

From the Mercury News (MercuryNews.com) newspaper, in an article on Dec. 4, 2011, "Occupy San Jose and Voluntarios de la Communidad join forces Sunday", by Dana Hull, there was a substory entitled "Santa Cruz arrests." It mentioned that several members of Occupy Santa Cruz were arrested for harassing and possibly pulling a knife on a photographer at their San Lorenzo Park camp. Listed as arrested were:

  • Edwin Frey - "71-year-old Santa Cruz attorney who has been handling a legal challenge from the city against the group's camp." "Frey was arrested after allegedly becoming irate, yelling and refusing several ordes to step back while officers interviewed the victim."
  • Kevin Jones - 40, "of Felton" was arrested "on suspicion of misdemeanor battery for allegedly throwing water and toilet paper" (at the photographer).