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The Occupy Baltimore demonstration is a part of the Occupy Movement which began on Sept. 17, 2011 with the original Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City.


The following have participated in the protest:


Nov. 17 "Bridge Rally"

On Nov. 17, 2011, union members, Occupy Baltimore activists and community leaders rallied at a busy intersection and on the aging steel Howard Street Bridge over Interstate 83 for about two hours. Event planning was led by Good Jobs, Better Baltimore with prinicpal organizers, SEIU, MoveOn.org and Occupy Baltimore. The rally was opened by John Reed, executive vice president, 1199 Health Care Workers East, who said, "We are assembled to support President Obama's Jobs Bill, and the Howard Street Bridge is a symbol of the jobs rebuilding America that could be." Other speakers included health care workers, unemployed workers, teachers and community activists.[3]


  • On Dec. 3, 2011, participant Desiree Nicholson, 23 stabbed a 24-year-old woman and fellow resident following an argument “because [Nicholson] was not taking care of her cat.”[2]

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