Nwamaka Agbo

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Nwamaka Agbo

Nwamaka Agbo is Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Policy Director at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California[1].


B.A., Sociology and African American Studies, University of California Davis (2006)

Board of Directors

Thousand Currents board of directors 2019.

Oakland Rising 5 year birthday party

June 2013 Oakland Rising poster; ·


Our 5 year birthday party is just 10 days away! Do you have your ticket yet? — with Richard Raya, Nikki Fortunato Bas, Pamela Drake, Jahmese Kathleen Myres, Michael Riemenschneider, Andy Katz, Mimi Ho, Igor Tregub, Andy Kelley, Steven Pitts, Melanie Cervantes, Nicole Derse, Lailan Sandra Huen, Kim Carter Martinez, Nwamaka Agbo, Brooke Anderson, Mary Thomas, Kate O'Hara, Timmy Lu, Peggy Moore, Dani McClain, EO Okiwelu, Lanese Martin, Marc Philpart, Rebecca Saltzman, Alex T. Tom, Jose A. Dorado, Rachel Richman, Tonya Love, Sheryl Walton, Andrea Lee, Aimee Allison, Sharon Rose, Rebecca Kaplan, Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett, Cole B. Cole, Jessamyn Sabbag, Malcolm Amado Uno, Phil Hutchings, Michelle Matos and Maria Poblet.


As a first generation Nigerian, Nwamaka Agbo did not actively begin pursuing her interest in civil rights and social justice issues[2] until college, where she edited the African American magazine and organized the Pan-African Student Organization on campus[3].

As a double major in Sociology and African American Studies, she realized her passion is working to solve social justice issues and her future career would be a civil rights lawyer.

Ella Baker Center

After moving to the Bay Area, Nwamaka began volunteering at the Ella Baker Center because she believed in the mission of the organization and its commitment to peace, justice and opportunity[4].

Nwamaka is passionately committed to the work of the Green Collar Jobs Campaign because she believes that the pressing environmental justice concerns are the civil rights movement of her generation. Nwamaka is also an active member of Ella's Daughters, a new national networking organization focused on connecting women activists and organizers from across the nation around issues affecting our communities in memory of Ella Baker.

Movement Strategy Center

Nwamaka Agbo was in 2015 an - Innovation Fellow of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization connected Movement Strategy Center. [5]

Deep Democracy Lab


Movement Strategy Center May 19, 2017;

The beloved community of this week's Deep Democracy lab! #connection #courage #commitment <3 <3 <3 — with Jodeen Olguin-Tayler, Ana Cecilia Perez, Tammy Johnson, Nwamaka Agbo, Alexis Flanagan, Rosie Abriam, Michael Scott Nine, Vanessa Nisperos, Tomas Garduno, Yalini Dream, Gerardo Marin, Calvin Williams, Miya Yoshitani, Judith LeBlanc, Anthony Giancatarino, Taj James, Byron Gudiel, Julie Quiroz, Victoria Benson, Kristen Zimmerman, Beth Glenn, Ariel Jacobson, Rosa Esperanza Gonzalez, Rachel Humphrey, Nanci Lee, Mimi Ho, Supriya Lopez Pillai, Dana Ginn Paredes, Kelly Miller, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Helen S. Kim, Jovida Ross, Aparna Shah, Aisha Shillingford, Sarah Quiroga and Jacqui Patterson.