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Nunu Kidane

Nunu Kidane lives in the San Francisco/Bay Area. She is originally from Eritrea. She has worked on Africa-related program and policy developments. She has written and spoken extensively on topics of HIV/AIDS, debt cancellation, migrants' rights, resource extraction, human rights and racial justice. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.[1]

Nunu Kidane is currently the Director of Priority Africa Network, an Africa-advocacy organization based in the San Francisco/Bay Area. For over two decades, she has worked on issues of global economic and political development and policy analysis, with particular emphasis on Africa. She’s written extensively on land rights and food sovereignty, militarism and resource extraction, migrant rights and racial justice.

In January 2012, Nunu was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for her diaspora related activism. She is founding member of the US-Africa Network, the Black Immigration Network, The Pan African Network in Defense of Migrants Rights (PANiDMR). She’s also a member of Network Council of the National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR) and sits on the Global Coalition on Migration (GCM). As key initiator of the “African Diaspora Dialogues” Nunu has been the voice for enhanced transnational dialogue on race, culture and identity, primarily convening African-Americans and African immigrants for sustained dialogues.

Nunu is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley where she has also lectured periodically on various topics[2]

Priority Africa Network

Kidane is a founding member, and currently serves as the Director of Priority Africa Network, a grassroots organization based in Oakland.[1]

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Kidane has served on the Steering Committee and the Board of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.[1]

Black Alliance for Just Immigration board as of 2015;

Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition

Kidane has served as a member of the Leadership Council of the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition.[1]

Global Forum on Migration & Development

Since about 2006, Nunu Kidane has participated in the Civil Society Days of the Global Forum on Migration & Development, an inter-governmental international dialogue on migration; as well as the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development & Human Rights.

Africa Action

As at 2009, Nunu Kidane served on the Board of Directors for Africa Action.[1]

African Immigrant Community Leaders

Nunu Kidane speaking at an African Immigrant Community Leaders gathering on March 28, 2009


Kidane was as a speaker at the Facing Race Conference in Chicago, IL 2007 She is a founding member in the Pan African Network in Defense of Migrant’s Rights in Bamako Mali, established in June 2010. She has participated in regional and World Social Forum processes for the past five years and currently leads and coordinates the D2D Initiative at the Detroit Social Forum in June 2010. Kidane was honored as 2010 Peace Education Award by the California State University in Sacramento. She is a member of the African Studies Association and the National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights.