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Norman Lear is a co-founder of People for the American Way and Founding Chair of its Board of Directors. He also serves on the People for the American Way Foundation's Board of Directors.[1][2]

Woolsey/Sheinbaum fund raiser

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, the first Member of Congress to call on the President to bring our troops home, was be in Los Angeles on Saturday February 4th 2006, for a 'very exciting but critical fundraiser against the most well-known, well-financed challenger she's ever faced". woolsey was facing a primary challenge from a termed-out Assemblyman Joe Nation, a moderate Democrat who has been critical of her stand on the war and on bringing home our troops. He is raising money from people who have given money to Tom DeLay and Bush-Cheney and his legislative district covers 60+% of Congresswoman Woolsey's district. Congresswoman Woolsey is a "champion of equal rights, civil liberties, protecting the environment and fighting for single payer healthcare. Congresswoman Woolsey must be re-elected by the same victory margin she has had in the past to send a message to progressives everywhere that's it IS OK to be courageous, and to not back down on issues that matter."

The Host Committee for this fundraiser includes:

Ben Affleck; Ed Asner; Warren Beatty; Jodie Evans; James Cromwell; Matt Damon; Tom Hayden; Wendy Herzog; Mimi Kennedy; Norman Lear; Stephen Rohde; Susie Shannon; Stanley Sheinbaum & Betty Sheinbaum; Lorraine Sheinberg; Kathy Spillar; Gloria A. Totten; Peg Yorkin; Senator Barbara Boxer; Congressman Joe Baca; Congressman Xavier Becerra; Congresswoman Lois Capps; Congresswoman Jane Harman; Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald; Congresswoman Grace Napolitano; Congresswoman; Lucille Roybal-Allard; Congresswoman Linda Sanchez; Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez; Congressman Adam Schiff; Congresswoman Hilda Solis; Congresswoman Maxine Waters; Congresswoman Diane Watson; Senator Sheila Kuehl and Assemblywoman Karen Bass.

The fundraiser was at the Stanley & Betty Sheinbaum residence in Brentwood. Both Sheinbaums have been members of Democratic Socialists of America.[3]

California Grayson return to Congress supporters

Saturday, 12 November, 2011, a fundraiser was held for Alan Grayson, at 939 San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica.

Advertised attendees were Congressman Alan Grayson & AFL –CIO President Richard Trumka, Ed Asner, Michelle Phillips, John Heard, Elliot Gould, Ed Begley, Jr., Mike Farrell, Joan Smith and Kurtwood Smith, Jon Bauman, Eric Roberts, Earl Katz, Mimi Kennedy, Frances Fisher, Peter Coyote, Sara Nichols. Producers Norman Lear, Jeff Wald and Jordan Sommers, Stephen Nemeth , Naren Shankar and Cheri Shankar, Joel Diamond, Michael Butler, Jan Goodman and Jerry Manpearl, Lili Haydn, Vivek Maddela, Lila Garrett, Nina Merson, Jodie Evans, Teray Stephens, and educator Paul Cummins.[4]

New Oxford Review

From an advertisement for New Oxford Review in Democratic Left September/October 1991.

An ecumenical monthly edited by lay Catholics, we've been characterized by George Will as " splendid," by the University of Chicago's Martin E. Marty as "lively," by the Los Angeles Times as " influential," by Newsweek as "thoughtful and often cheeky," by Utne Reader as "surprisingly original," by Library Journal as "brilliant," and by Christopher Derrick, England's foremost Catholic apologist, as " by far the best Catholic magazine in the English-speaking world."
We publish Protestants, Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, Jews, and an occasional nonbeliever. Writers who've appeared in our pages include such diversely penetrating intellects as Robert Bellah, Christopher Lasch, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Daniel Bell, Robert Coles, Irving Howe, Walker Percy, Norman Lear, John Lukacs, J.M. Cameron, Henri Nouwen, Avery Dulles, Gordon Zahn, Will Campbell, Stanley Hauerwas, Richard Mouw, and Sheldon Vanauken . We bat around a wide variety of issues and defy easy ideological pigeonholing. We'll keep you on your toes! [5]

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