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Nora Taft

Nora Taft is an Ottumwa Iowa activist. In a relationship with Chris Laursen.


  • Studied Modern Dance Performance at The University of Oklahoma
  • Went to Iowa City High School


J C Dems Central Committee Meeting

by Mike Meginnis • CCMeeting, Events, jcdems, Meetings •

J C Dems Central Committee Meeting, 6:30pm Thursday, May 4, 2017 North Liberty Public Library

Nora Taft and Mike Jesse will present a workshop on Robert’s Rules of Order before the regular meeting, starting at 5:30pm. This will be very informative, please come if you can.[1]

Hard worker

Nora Taft, who came into our campaign office between any of her 3-4 jobs to grab a walk list - or make some calls for a while - and saw so much potential for what Democrats could be that after she served as a National Delegate for us - she joined our JoCo Central Committee and is now 2nd Vice Chair [2]

Iowa City DSA Facebook closed group page

Iowa City Democratic Socialists of America Facebook closed group page, as of May 10, 2017, included Nora Taft.

May 2017 Medicare for All Rally - Iowa City

With the passage of Trumpcare in the House, we must now take the fight to the Senate. We must protect The Affordable Care Act, a critically important step towards the goal of making healthcare available to all.
Iowa City will be joining six other cities across our great state in hosting a MFA rally on the same day. We are going to send a clear message to Washington about where we stand on healthcare.
Come stand with us, May 20th at the Ped Mall in Iowa City!

Speakers were;

  • Rob Hogg - State Senate Minority Leader/District 19
  • Joe Bolkcom - State Senate Assistant Minority Leader/District 43
  • Liz Bennett - State House Representative, Assistant Minority Leader/ District 65
  • Mike Carberry - Johnson Co. Supervisor
  • Rod Sullivan - Johnson Co. Supervisor
  • Sandy Dockendorff - BSN/RN and IDP 2nd Congressional District Central Committee Chair and State Rules Chair
  • Steve Siegel - Retired Wapello Co. Supervisor, Candidate for State Senate District 41
  • Mazahir Salih - Former President of the Center for Worker Justice, Candidate for Iowa City / City Council
  • Daniel Clark - National delegate to the 2016 DNCC, Candidate for 2nd District U.S. House
  • Jodi Clemens - Candidate for State House District 73
  • Elizabeth Dinschel - State Leader of Action Iowa and Candidate for Coralville City Council
  • Dave Loebsack - U.S. House Representative, 2nd Congressional District Cosponsor HR 676

DSA of Iowa public Facebook group

November 26, 2017

In September 2017 Nora Taft was a member of the Democratic Socialists of Iowa public Facebook group.

Our Revolution Central Iowa Facebook

Members of Our Revolution Central Iowa closed Facebook group, accessed November 27, 2017 included Nora Taft.[3]

Progressive leaders for Glasson

Members of Iowa’s Progressive Leaders for Cathy Glasson public Facebook group, accessed November 26, 2017 included Nora Taft.[4]

Glasson staffers

Glasson’s special assistant for communications, Eleanore Taft, said Glasson’s chance to win the election comes with her bold, progressive message.

“I think Cathy has been very clear on her positions and I think all of the positions will really help out a substantial portion of our population,” Taft said. “But I think her message resonates with working-class people, which are becoming a larger and larger segment of our population, and I think it’s because she’s addressing some of the major concerns that hold people back.”

Brian Shepherd, Glasson’s campaign manager, said her service to working people will help her win the nomination.

“We need bold, progressive change, and we can’t wait around and do incremental out-measures,” he said. “And too often people who are elected to office are really trying to water things down, and Cathy’s not a career politician, and she really wants to make change in Iowa.”[5]


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