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Nora Cody

Nora Cody is Program Coordinator at Oakland Unified School District. Former Program Director at TransForm, (formerly TALC, the Transportation and Land Use Coalition). She lives in Oakland, California, and is married to John Carrese. Sister of Martha Cody, Celia Cody and Anthony Cody, and daughter of Pat Cody and Fred Cody.

Mother of Celia Cody-Carrese and Patrick Cody-Carrese.


Studied English at Hunter College.

League of Revolutionary Struggle


In the early 1980s Nora Cody was student reporter for Unity, newspaper of the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

Progressive Student Organization

In 1984 Nora Cody was a contact for the Progressive Student Organization, a Berkeley affiliate of the Progressive Student Network.[1]

Free South Africa

In 1987, Nora Cody was a member of the Free South Africa Committee at Hunter College, CUNY.[2]


In 1989 Nora Cody was a member of the Student Unity Network. English Major at Hunter College. NYC student coordinator for 1988 Jesse Jackson campaign.[3]

"A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond"

Unity, January 28 1991, issued a statement "A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond" on pages 4 to 6.

This group was a split in the League of Revolutionary Struggle which soon became the Unity Organizing Committee.

Those listed as supporters of the call included Nora Cody, director DES Action, Oakland. .

Unity guest editors

Norah cody.PNG

Guest editors of Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee, March 1992, were Nora Cody, and Leslie Mari Watson-Davis.


TransForm March 3, 2015;


TransForm board and staff met over the weekend for a retreat to talk about justice and equity in our lives and in our work. We're a lucky team that gets to work on making our cities more just places to live, with better transportation for all. Plus we like each other! — with Brian Raymond, Shannon Tracey, Jame-Ane Ervin, Jennifer Jeffers, Corinne Winter, Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz, Jessica Joanna Cruz, Sara Marcellino, Nora Cody, Clarrissa Cabansagan, Stephanie Jim, Terry Kelley, Barnali Ghosh, Jenn Lavelle, Jo Pumpkins, Bianca Taylor, Jennifer West, Anjali Mehta and Jean Long.[4]


In 2018 Nora Cody was a member of LeftRoots.



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