Nico Blue

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Nico Blue

Nico Blue is a Florida activist. She is married to Summer Kennedy.

DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning


DSA Sunshine Solidarity Irma Relief Planning is a Florida Democratic Socialists of America closed Facebook group.

A place for Florida DSA Chapters and OC's to coordinate statewide effort for Hurricane Irma planning and relief.[1]


Roxanne Palmer, Bean Blackett, Leslie Love, Caity Blake, Star Fae, Heath Horne, Dara Hill, Kyle Kern, Nico Blue, Brad Brevard, Rachel Ochs-Mejia, PA Rao, Kara Rose Leigh.

DSA Poor People's Caucus closed FB group

Members of the DSA Poor People's Caucus, closed Facebook page, as of August 20 2017 included Nico Blue.[2]

"No Dudes Allowed"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America **No Dudes Allowed** maybe Dank Meme Stash members, as of November 2, 2017 included Nico Blue.[3]

Socialist Feminists (DSA) Facebook page

Members of the Socialist Feminists (DSA), closed Facebook group, as of September 30, 2017 included Nico Blue.[4]

DSA Dank Meme Stash

Democratic Socialists of America Dank Meme Stash was a closed Facebook page affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

Members, September 1, 2017 included Nico Blue ..