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Nicholas James

Nicholas James a collective bargaining rep for the Service Employees International Union, in Missouri. He works at the St. Louis office of the Healthcare IIMK local.[1]

He was a construction contractor in Inland Empire, Calif. His partner is Rebecca Bolte.

LA May Day 2011


Nicholas James LA May Day 2010, with Rossana Cambron.

"Train of justice"


July 29, 2011, SoCal Los Angeles Communist Party USA "Welcoming our new members who have chosen to board the train of justice".

Signed by;

Rossana Cambron, Mario Brito, Juan Lopez, Armando Ramirez, Nelson Urrutia, Rafael Zamarron-Brito, Scott Patrick, Leandro Della Piana, Emily Clarida, Sam Webb, Michelle Henrickson, Richard Castro, Jr., John Bachtell and Nicholas James.

St. Louis comrades

St. Louis Workers’ Education Society March 26, 2018 ·


With Rebecca Bolte, Drew Mossman, Nicholas James, Erin Jameson, William M. Sparklekitty and Erik Shelquist at St. Louis Workers’ Education Society.

St. Louis Workers’ Education Society

The St. Louis Workers’ Education Society (StLWES) opened its doors at 2929 S. Jefferson March 27. 2015, and welcomed organizers, rabble-rousers, activists and community organizations to its first annual open house fundraiser.

Participants in a March 28 workshop conducted at the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society included Nicholas James of SEIU Health Care, Holly Roe of CWA 6355, and Cecilia Schmid, a local teacher.[2]

St. Louis Workers’ Education Society Executive Board

In 2017, the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society Executive Board;

St. Louis Workers’ Education Society Advisory Board

In 2015 the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society Advisory Board consisted of;

Pan-Missouri Anti-capitalist Breakfast Club

Nicholas James March 1, 2015:


Pan-Missouri Anti-capitalist Breakfast Club meeting at Local Harvest Cafe. Nicholas James, Wendy Grew, Niles Zee, Garron Fox, Pammela Wright, and Rebecca Bolte.

St Louis comrades

Nicholas James March 1, 2015:


Wendy Grew, Rebecca Bolte, Derek Wetherell, Josh Kersting, Nicholas James, Tony Pecinovsky.

2015 Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, the Missouri/Kansas Friends of the People's World hosted the 23rd Annual Hershel Walker 'Peace and Justice' Awards breakfast to recognize outstanding leaders and activists, and their work towards creating a more just and equitable society.

A diverse crowd of 120 union, community, peace and faith leaders joined together at 9:30 a.m., at the Communication Workers of America, Local 6300, union hall for a morning filled with conversations and solidarity.

"This is an awards ceremony for activists," said Nicholas James, a Service Employees International Union collective bargaining rep. "This is amazing. Usually, only famous people get awards. That we take the time to recognize the everyday, ordinary people struggling to change our world is what makes this Awards Breakfast so special.".[4]

IWD shoutout


Nicholas James March 8, 2015 ·

Happy International Women's Day!

I would like to say thank you to all of the strong sisters, comrades, mothers, friends, workers, coworkers, activists, and all-around badasses in my life. Among others, Rebecca Bolte, Monica Stoutenborough, Julie Terbrock, Ashli Bolden, Ashley Johns, Sarah Souders, Sarah Harken, Sarah Michelson, Sarah Barraza, Sara Russert, Kara Lindsey, Jasmin Maurer, Courtney Hayes, Francine Vaccarino, Celina della Croce, Cecilia Cuevas, Wendy Grew, Tabetha Harrison, Molly Renee Edwards, Alexandria Graff, Ashley Rose, Ashleigh Lynne Packard, Paula Jones, Megan Jallas Baker, Erin Dailey, Erin Patton, Twayna Thompson, Teresa Cardwell, Chandra Marshall, Tonya Sanders, Lauren O'Donnell, Kate Linder, Kimmy Drake, Kaitlin DeCero, JJ Lane, Rhonda Bruce, Alison Dreith, Stacia Mcclure-Blome, Lara Granich, Amber Skye Miller, Lavegan Loca, Holly Works, Kelli Klein, Kellie Willis, Amie Womack, Eva Hall, Reeny Costello, Adrienne Mann, Rossana Cambron, Taylor Crocker, Taylor Roush, Meg Olson, Claire Elizabeth, Tonia De Barros Barreto, Crystal Lashley, Melony Dorton, Anna Baker, Anna Durrett, Christina Baker, Robin Graves, Sawyer Van Eenoo, Trinis Collins, Shona Clarkson, Henrietta Ibolya Gyorgy, Jessica Barraza, Terrie Albano, Carly Slawson, and anyone else I may have left out.[5]


Nicholas James October 5, 2016 posted:


With Elise Rose Kehle, Oriana Cauchon, Shuron Jones, Chauncey Robinson, Madeline Kathleen, Tony Pecinovsky, Eddie Yarbrough, Niles Zee, Emiliana Sparaco, Yennifer Mateo Castillo, Al Neal and Darin Williams.

Photo by Celeste Ocana.

New member phone bank


New member phone bank Public · Hosted by Communist Party USA.

Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 11 AM - 4 PM EDT

Your living room

We're organizing a phonebank to our new members on Saturday and we need your help. The callfire service allow you to make the calls from home, using your smartphone, laptop or deskstop. You'll get a real charge from talking to them! Aint' nuthin like it!! Please click "going" if you can make calls! Thanks!

Those invited to participate on on Facebook included Nicholas James .


Nicholas James, left, with Thürmer Gyula, leader of the Hungarian Workers Party

In mid-July 2017, Nicholas James was in Budapest, Újpest where the Munkáspárt (Hungarian Workers Party) recently moved its headquarters. The party was founded after the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party, which had governed Hungary from 1956, split in 1989 after falling from power.

If you ever have the chance to speak with a Hungarian, you’ll likely find that their dislike of the era of communist rule is not due to their opposition to socialism, but rather because of the loss of national autonomy that was experienced under Soviet domination.

James and his travel partner, Hellenbort Richard, walked from the tram station towards the Munkáspárt headquarters, where they were met by the Workers Party chairman, Thüurmer Gyula, and Central Committee member Marina Pilajeva.

Pilajeva and I had met three years prior at the party’s former headquarters in Budapest’s 8th District.

With the complicated political stage back home in the U.S., I couldn’t help but ask Thürmer why he thought new extreme political parties had such a draw on voters.

“Perhaps this is the same in most capitalist countries. The Hungarian youth is disorientated to a very great degree. Get the money. Spend the money. But to deal with policy, they are looking for some values, and they try to find these values among the radical right organizations. They have come to our party in recent years. Why? Because they have come to understand that if I am born into a poor family, I have all the possibility to remain poor all my life.”

I told Thürmer of how socialism was gaining in appeal among younger American voters, and asked whether there had been interest in organizing the youth into Munkáspárt?

Thinking back to when I first met Pilajeva, I remember she explained that Munkáspárt was a grassroots organization. Transition from a ruling party to a grassroots party has proven successful for some communist political organizations after the collapse of the socialist governments of eastern Europe: the Communist Party of Moldova, Die Linke (The Left) in Germany, and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic.

For Munkáspárt members, practical political work is the focus. “We believe that the party should be like an army,” according to Thürmer. “If the soldiers are not given concrete work, they will lose discipline. On the internet, everyone is a great communist revolutionary. However, taking the time to do the real work is a sacrifice.”[6]

Christian Care Home ULP strike

Nicholas James February 3 2018:

Solidarity is not a four letter word. Christian Care Home ULP strike - day 65.


(SEIU Healthcare Missouri Kansas, Teamsters 688, Show Me 15, Democratic Socialists of America, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Green Party, Missouri Democratic Party, CLUW, and Laborers 110) — with Chris Ottolino, Mark Bielicke, Cathy Sherwin, Willie Lamer Sosa, M.J. Osmack, Twayna Thompson, Stanley Jackson, Michael Schlueter, Michael Marquardt, Paula Jones and Charlie Pons.

The Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Facebook Group, accessed April 22 2018 included Nicholas James.[7] [8]

Pecinovsky 14th Ward Alderman campaign

Tony Pecinovsky September 24 2018:


Thank you to everybody who came out and canvassed yesterday! Together we can Build A Better 14th Ward! — with Elise Rose Kehle, Madeline Buthod, Alicia Hernandez, Drew Mossman and Nicholas James. Al Neal also pictured.