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New Labour Party

Ode to fallen Aussie comrade


In November 1992, Keith Locke wrote to the Green Left Weekly along with fellow leftists Paul Piesse, Petronella Townsend, Matt Robson and Lew Stribling, offering condolences on death of Australian Democratic Socialist Party leader Jim Percy. Said "We have known Jim since 1970. Since that time we have shared the same socialist vision and suported the same struggles against oppression. Through two decades we kept in contact with Jim and benefitted from sharing political ideas and experiences...Jim was with us in our early political development as members of the Socialist Action League in New Zealand. He was also alongside us when we formed the New Labour Party. He contributed his political ideas and experience to the NLP in a comradely and supportive way. He saw the NLP as a progressive development which could revitalise socialism in New Zealand and have a positive effect in Australia...We cannot be with you at the funeral of our comrade. However it is a maori tradition to sing at a funeral. We therefore request that when the Internationale is sung that it be recognised that the voices of Jim's comrades in New Zealand have also been raised as a final tribute to a respected fighter of the people".[1]


  1. Green Left Weekly Number 80 November 1992