Neil Sardana

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Neil Sardana

Neil Sardana is an Atlanta Georgia activist. He is Coalition Coordinator of Atlanta Jobs with Justice.


Studied Public Policy at University of Michigan.

Open Letter to Obama on Iran

In 2008 Neil Sardana, Graduate student, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI signed an online petition “A Open Letter to Barack Obama on Iran”.

DSA connection


Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America meeting September 2015. With Milt Tambor, Minnie Ruffin and Neil Sardana.

Atlanta immigration rally


Atlanta Jobs with Justice October , 2015;

Atlanta Jobs with Justice is proud to be a part of the #GANot1More Coalition and stand with Glahriadores in the fight to keep #ICE out of #Fulton County Jails! #Not1More #NiUnaMas! — with Ashe Helm-Hernandez, Azadeh Shahshahani, Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Ade Nicholls, Eunice Cho, Neil Sardana and Dianne Mathiowetz.

An Open Letter to Governor Nathan Deal

An Open Letter to Governor Nathan Deal from Moral Monday GA By Moral Monday Georgia, April 30, 2014

As of last night, at the stroke of midnight, the clock of human progress turned back decades. You have caused unfair, unjust and harmful consequences for regular everyday Georgians with the passage of HB 990, HB 772, HB 714 and SB 98.

Sadly, your inaction has and will continue to cost real lives and hardships for Georgians who are already struggling. You have chosen politics over principle, a short term view of narrow self-interest over a long term vision of what's actually best for Georgia, making public policy turns that further marginalize our most vulnerable citizens while also crippling the state's prospects for economic recovery and prosperity...

MMGA Arrests

Nearly 40 Moral Monday Georgia activists were arrested Tuesday March 18, 2014, for interrupting proceedings throughout the Georgia Capitol in an effort to urge Gov. Nathan Deal to expand Medicaid - and block legislation that would strip him of the authority to do so.

16 Arrests - Senate Gallery: Joe Beasley, 77 Edward Loring, 74, Gary Kennedy, 51, Richard Miles Rustay, 84, Marquerite Casey, 65, Shawn Adelman, 32, female, Lorraine Fontana, 66, Minnie Ruffin, 72, Gladys B. Rustay, 81, Emma Stitt, 23, Morgan Swann, 62, female, Emma French, 22, John Slaughter, 74, Ray Miklethun, 79, Gregory Ames, 65, Robert Goodman, 73.

12 Arrests - at Governor's Office: Shanan Eugene Jones, 39 George F. Watson, Jr., 65, Francys Johnson, Jr., 34, male, Jeffrey Blair Benoit, 55, John Evans, 81, Raphael Warnock, 44, Karen Elaine Reagle, 71, Katherine Acker, 61, George Johnson, 42, Ronald Allen, 38, Fred Douglas Taylor, 71, Donald Bender, 73.

11 Arrests - Outside Senate Doors: Kevin Arthur Morgan, 66, Emilia Sigrid Kaiser, 26, female, Daniel Sean Hanley, 32, Sara Katherine Gregory, 31, Dawn Gibson, 39, Corey A. Hardiman, 22, male, Fred Albert, 67, Jacqueline Rodriquez, 31, Michael Schumm, 51, Neil Yukt Sardana, 32 Misty Novitch, 27.[2]