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Nayyirah Shariff is an an organizer with the Flint Democracy Defense League. Director at Flint Rising. Field Organizer at Stand Up for Democracy.


  • Went to Grand Blanc High School

Gay activism

Kildee connection

Steve Mintline April 29, 2013 ·


With Nayyirah Shariff, Dan Kildee and Rafael Mojica.


Nayyirah Shariff center with Dan Kildee.

Tlaib/Dingell connection

Nayyirah Shariff December 14, 2018 ·


Me, a Congresswoman and a Congressional-elect walk into a reception... — with Rashida Tlaib and Debbie Dingell.

Michigan Poor People's Campaign

Carolyn Baker June 6, 2018 ·

  1. PoorPeoplesCampaign — with Sylvia Orduno, Kim Redigan, Claire McClinton, Alana Alpert, Edwin Rowe, Maureen Taylor, Nayyirah Shariff, Carlos Santacruz and Denise Griebler.

Water Justice Walkers

Valerie Jean July 6, 2015 ·


Our Water Justice Walkers made it to Pontiac! They rested a bit while WE gathered, ate watermelon, and talked about where WE are and how WE are moving forward. ... See More — with Desiree Duell, Nayyirah Shariff, Baxter Jones, Kim Redigan, Jedediah Jones, Marge Schultz Sears, Nadia Gaber and Melissa Mays in Pontiac, Michigan.

Charity Hicks connection

Nayyirah Shariff May 1, 2014 near Detroit, MI ·


I-75 united! — with Charity Mahouna Hicks.

Genesee Committee

Nayyirah Shariff April 4, 2014 ·


With Paul Jordan, Bishop Bernadel Jefferson, Bob Mabbitt, Bethany Hazard, Claire McClinton and Blackfoot Jeremy Royer.

Nsumi Collective

Banner Action April 27, 2013 ·


Nsumi Collective - Banner Party - Chevy-in-the-Hole - April 26th 2013 - Images by Nadaly Marchi and Jennifer Onufry. — with Nayyirah Shariff, Sean Crawford, Bmo Green and Melodee Mabbitt.