National Political Education Committee

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National Political Education Committee (pronounced N-Peck) was created by Democratic Socialists of America to help chapters develop the lesson plans, curriculum, and the facilitation skills needed to implement a long term political education program locally. Political education should be accessible by all chapters to develop members into socialist and organizers that can easily articulate our demands and explain tenants of socialism that are needed to build and maintain a mass and diverse working-class movement.

The passing of Resolution #33, titled “Invest in Political Education” and the difficulties of locals listed above led the NPC to create the National Political Education Committee in October 2019. A search for initial members soon went out and NPEC holding its first meeting in early 2020 and setting out on a 2-year plan to develop and improve political education in DSA.


NPEC is headed by a fifteen-person committee and the current National Political Education Committee members are: