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The National Organization for Women was founded in 1966.

NOW founders

In 1966 Gerda Lerner joined fellow activists Betty Friedan, Pauli Murray, Aileen Hernandez, and others in founding the National Organization for Women (NOW).[1]

From the June 1966 meeting — 28 women:

Ada Allness, Mary Evelyn Benbow, Gene Boyer, Analoyce Clapp, Kathryn Clarenbach, Catherine Conroy, Caroline Davis, Mary Eastwood, Edith Finlayson, Betty Friedan, Dorothy Haener, Anna Roosevelt Halstead, Lorene Harrington, Mary Lou Hill, Esther Johnson, Nancy Knaak, Min Matheson, Helen Moreland, Dr. Pauli Murray (later Rev.), Ruth Murray, Inka O'Hanrahan, Pauline A. Parish, Eve Purvis, Edna Schwartz, Mary-jane Ryan Snyder, Gretchen Squires, Betty Talkington and Dr. Caroline Ware.

From the October 1966 conference — 21 women and men:

Caruthers Berger, Colleen Boland, Inez Casiano, Carl Degler, Elizabeth Drews, Dr. Mary Esther Gaulden (later Jagger), Muriel Fox, Ruth Gober, Richard Graham, Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Lucille Kapplinger (later Hazell), Bessie Margolin, Margorie Palmer, Sonia Pressman (later Fuentes), Sister Mary Joel Read, Amy Robinson, Charlotte Roe, Alice Rossi, Claire R. Salmond, Morag Simchak and Clara Wells.

NOW also wishes to acknowledge the following strong early supporters, some of whom were members of NOW’s first national board or chairs of its original task forces: Dr. Shep Aaronson, Dorothy Austin, Sister Austin Doherty, Catherine East, Elizabeth Farians, Betty Furness, Nancy Graham, Representative Martha Griffiths, Jane Hart, Aileen Hernandez, Phineas Indritz, Rev. Dean Lewis, Ollie Butler Moore, Graciela Olivarez, Dr. Patricia Plante, Marguerite Rawalt, Dr. Vera Schletzer, Olla Werner and Herbert Wright.[2]

New American Movement

In 1981, the National Organization for Women congratulated the New American Movement on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.[3]



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