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Template:TOCnestleft The National Education Association is a national teachers and education union.

Recommended Reading

Books by Saul Alinsky

The NEA recommends the following Saul Alinsky books "to those members of our Association who are involved in grassroots organizing, especially Association Representatives (ARs) — also known as building reps or shop stewards — and leaders at local affiliates."

  • Reveille for Radicals
  • Rules for Radicals

The organization states: "We hope that ARs and local leaders of all political stripes will discern from Alinsky’s books grassroots organizing strategies that will best help us bring our members together around the common goal of improving public education."[1]


Executive Committee

As at August 25, 2010, the following served on the Executive Committee for the organization:[2]

Board of Directors

As at August 25, 2010, the following served on the Board of Directors for the organization:[4]

State Affiliates

As at August 25, 2010, the following served as members of State Affiliates of the organization:[5]

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