National Conference on Socialism 2008

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National Conference on Socialism 2008 - Party for Socialism and Liberation

From December 6-7, 2008, the Stalinist Party for Socialism and Liberation PS&L PSL held a National Conference on Socialism in Los Angeles, California.[1]. A good summary of this conference appeared at the website "RevLeft", "".

"RevLeft" calls itself the "Home of the Revolutionary Left" ( and it produced a good summary of the Conference with links to more information. The following is a largely unedited reproduction of this summary. They also attached a descriptive list of various marxist/communist/revolutionary groups on the revolutionary scene. It will be reproduced in a KW page known as "Marxist Revolutionary Groups" which can be found through use of the "Search" box.

"Report from the National Conference on Socialism: 2008" "REPORT BACK!"

"Stand Up and Fight Back: National Conference on Socialism", Los Angeles, CA, December 6-7, 2008 (sic)

"This link has all the speeches, comments and declarations from the PSL's national conference on socialism in December 2008. I've just started watching them and they're really incredible. All members interested in understanding the PSL, its objectives and its plans should definitely watch these videos. -- Kassad"

--Opening Plenary--

"The Opening Plenary introduced conference participants to the Party for Socialism and Liberation, highlighting recent struggles and campaigns. The Opening Plenary was chaired by":

"Speaking on the plenary were":

--Keynote Plenary--

"The Keynote Plenary featured the PSL's Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva, Vice Presidential Candidate Eugene Puryear, and Brian Becker, member of the PSL's Political Committee.. After their presentations, there was a roughly 45-minute Question-and-Answer period."

"The Opening Plenary introduced conference participants to the Party for Socialism and Liberation, highlighting recent struggles and campaigns. The Opening Plenary was chaired by ... [KW: repetition of the above "Opening Plenary/Speaking on the plenary were"]"

International Solidarity Session

"The International Solidarity Session was chaired by:

Other speakers include:

Statements were ready by:

People's Socialist Party of Mexico PPSD


KW observations:

Many of the key leaders of PSL were members of the Workers World Party WWP but left during an internal split with the Larry Holmes faction in the past few years. These included Gloria La Riva, Brian Becker, Sarah Sloan, Peta Lindsay and others who will be identified and cross-indexed at a later time in the PSL page itself.

Interestingly, since the PSL is an openly marxist, revolutionary group, the open participation of Jim Lafferty, a longtime SWP-supporting attorney from the NLG, Ramsey Clark, and Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, now allows one to call them communists or communist sympathizers, or marxist-sympathizers/supporters. The fact that a former U.S. Attorney General is now openly affiliated with the PSL (after decades of affiliations through the WWP fronts of IAC, ANSWER and the Panama Inquiry) seems to have somehow missed getting the attention of the mass media.

The mainstream media had almost no idea who the WWP was during their reporting of the WWP fronts often very large anti-U.S. demonstrations under the names of the People's Anti-War Mobilization PAM, All Peoples Congress APC, the Center for United Labor Action CULA, and the American Servicemen's Union ASU, from the late 60's through the late 80's. Then the WWP formed the International Action Center IAC, reportedly created with the help of Ramsey Clark]] and the larger Act Now to Stop War and End Racism ANSWER, both of which are still in existence.

How Ramsey Clark got involved with the WWP after having spent over a decade aiding CPUSA and SWP fronts and overseas terrorist groups (in their trials for terrorist acts including murder) will make a great movie if stories about his possibly introduction to the WWP through one of his female legal employees turns out to be accurate.

For those interested in reading the only real congressional study on the history of the WWP from its creation as a split-off faction of the older Socialist Workers Party SWP, see the House Internal Security Committee study entitled "The Workers World party and Its Front Organizations", A Study, Minority Staff, HISC, April, 1974 (Including Index). The "Index" lists the names of many of the present leaders of both the WWP and the PSL including Brian Becker and Larry Holmes.

Once a person has read this study, they will understand the ideological wanders of the once-Trotskyite oriented SWP split-off that became the WWP. Later the WWP again changed, somewhere in the early 1980's, into a more Stalinist/No. Korean-oriented marxist, revolutionary party, and over the following decades, became the newest Stalinist communist party in the U.S., far eclipsing the old Soviet Union/Russia affiliate, the Communist Party USA in their revolutionary rhetoric and street activities.