National Coalition to Fight Inflation and Unemployment

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National Coalition to Fight Inflation and Unemployment was a Communist Party USA front.


In 1974, the Communist Party USA convened a conference on September 14th known as the Emergency Trade Union Conference to Fight Inflation, sponsored by another CPUSA front, Trade Union Action and Democracy , originally called the National Coordinating Committee for Trade Union Action and Democracy.[1]. The keynote speaker at the Sept. 14th conference was Fred Gaboury, "TUAD field organizer and CPUSA's midwest trade union secretary".

List of sponsors of call for the November 16, 1974 mass demonstrations

This TUAD meeting also called for "an anti-inflation demonstration in Washington, D.C. in March 1975" which "has been rescheduled for April 26, 1975", and did take place.

This Congressional Record article told how the CPUSA, through Daniel Rubin, now the CPUSA's Secretary of the Anti-Inflation Commission, was "responsible for developing the strategy of the national campaign".

The CP's youth front, the Young Workers Liberation League (YWLL) joined "in unity with broader forces to militantly honor De. Martin Luther King on April 4 (1975), the first international day of solidarity with U.S. youth fighting racism". "The international day of solidarity on Dr. King's birthday was declared by the Soviet-controlled youth organization, the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), of which YWLL is the U.S. affiliate."

YWLL sponsored marches took place in New York, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and other cities supported by such organizations as:

Continuing the NCFIU Demonstration Plans and Schedule for April 26, 1975

The Congressional Record article detailed various meetings held by the CPUSA and its members, especially in labor, to drum up support for several preliminary demonstrations on the economy before the big march planned for April 26, 1975.

David Livingston:

The April 26th demonstration was cloaked by the Communists which called it "Industrial Union Department - AFL-CIO - Calls March on Washington, April 28th, 1975, For Jobs or Income Now!", the latter appearing on their literature. The NCFIU was to hold its own little demonstration and then join up with the large AFL-CIO one, which had been announced by Victor Gotbaum, executive director of District 37, AFSCME. "A member of the Marxist Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee - which works within the left-wing of the Democratic Party, Mr. Gotbaum claims he is not a socialist."

[However, Gotbaum's record of support for CPUSA and SWP fronts leaves no doubt as to the fact that he was a marxist. Also, the DSOC working within the left-wing of the Democratic Party was the precursor movement/strategy for trying to gain control of the party, which later manifested itself in the Progressive Caucus/Progressive Democrats of the 2000's].

April 16, 1975 Current List of Sponsors of the NCFIU



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