National Anti-Imperialist Conference in Solidarity With African Liberation

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The National Anti-Imperialist Conference in Solidarity With African Liberation was convened October 19-21, 1973 at Dunbar Vocational High School, Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago.[1].

A report on the upcoming conference was put into the Congressional Record (CR), October 18, 1973, and included the "List of Sponsors" below. This report by Rep. John Ashbrook (R-OH), was entitled [2].

The complete text of this report is as follows:

Conference Sponsors

The partial list of sponsors of the National Anti-Imperialist Conference in Solidarity With African Liberation, included[3];

One name not on this list was that of Franklin Alexander, described by the Daily World, the CPUSA's official paper, of Nov. 14, 1973, as "U.S. anti-imperialist leader of California, but a longtime member of both the CPUSA and its youth arm, the Young Workers Liberations League (YWLL). In this article by CPUSA correspondent Joseph North, writing out of Moscow, Alexander was described this way:

"Alexander had played a prominent role on the steering committee of the World Peace Congress held here last month..."

"Alexander had been a central figure in organizing the anti-imperialist conference in solidarity with African Liberation, held recently in Chicago."

He also delighted in the leftist turn of African states in relationship to Israel, a major goal of the Soviet Union, using South Africa's apartheid system as a weapon against the Jewish state. Alexander said:

"The rupture of relations with Israel by 28 African countries indicates the tempo of positive developments in Africa," said. "Thee is general understanding in the developing countries, he noted, that Israel plays the gendarme for U.S. imperialism and they see the 'fatal connection' between apartheid South Africa with Israel. South Africa is the only country on the continent in full support of Tel Aviv's bellicose policies."

KW: It should be noted that the Chicago conference, established and run by the CPUSA, came at the same time as the Egyptian/Arab surprise attack on Israel in what is known as "The Yom Kippur War" or the "October War" of 1973. The Soviet Union played a major role in both training and arming the Egyptian military, and then nearly flew in 3 airborne divisions to prevent the Israelis' from destroying a whole Egyptian Army Division from annihilation when Gen. Ariel Sharon and his forces cut them off from the rest of Egypt.

This made-in-Moscow front, the World Peace Congress, was an adjunct of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), its International Affairs Department, and the KGB created World Peace Council (WPC).