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Template:TOCnestleft Nate Knauf was in 2019 Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America Recording Secretary. A student organizer with the Young DSA at Georgia Tech, where he served as co-chair for the last two years. He's currently working on the electoral committee to organize #DSAForBernie canvasses throughout Atlanta.

21/22 Steering Committee

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America 21/22 Steering Committee.

Celebrating Trotsky's murder


In 2021 several leading Democratic Socialists of America members celebrated the anniversary of Leon Trotsky's murder by Ramon Mercader. Those retweeting or “liking” these posts comprise a Rolodex of the DSA leadership.

One tweet, by former DSA National Electoral Committee member Nate Knauf, includes the same drawing depicting Trotsky’s assassination, accompanied by the words, “That’s right!!!” This post was “liked” by Ben Davis, Knox College YDSA’s Matt Milewski, New York City Democratic Socialists of America’s Ganeev Chichagov, and YDSA Purdue Co-Chair Mason Wyss, among others.[1]

The Activist

The Activist Editorial Board is a subcommittee of the Young Democratic Socialists of America National Political Education Committee, composed of volunteers from YDSA chapters across the country.

In December 2020 the Editorial Board consisted of:

2019 Metro Atlanta DSA leadership

Metro Atlanta DSA October 2019 newsletter

This September, the Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (MADSA) — the Southeast’s largest Socialist organization — elected its youngest, most diverse Executive Committee in history. The new leadership went straight to work in an all-day retreat, auditing organizational policies, assets and accounts. The new Executive Committee has made increasing engagement with its members a priority.

Even as MADSA joins Democratic Socialists chapters around the country mobilize for Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign, Atlanta's new executive team — lead by City of South Fulton Councilman khalid — vows to take a more active role in local elections and legislation. Pictured from left to right:

Rear: Brandyn Buchanan, Rara Imler, Catie Elle, Q Benford

Front: Cole Reardon, Councilman Khalid Kamau, Nate Knauf.

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Nate Knauf Georgia Tech Young Democratic Socialists.

Facebook discussion group

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook group, as of September 23, 2017, members included Nate Knauf.[3]

Rochester Public Facebook group

Members of the Rochester Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group, as of March 18, 2017 included Nate Knauf .[4]

Campaigning for Fort


Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America, was out campaigning for Vincent Fort on October 16, 2017.

With Nate Knauf, Larry Pellegrini, Matthew Golden, River Grana, Megan Harrison, Krupesh Patel, Heather Marie Laveau, Josh Tuccio, Aaron Thorpe, Patrick Guinn, Matthew Wolfsen, Tyler Daws, Daniel Hanley, Barbara Landay, Bob Wohlheuter and Barbara Joye.

GT Progressive Student Alliance

GT Progressive Student Alliance members and supporters, 2017;

David Kennedy, Ariella Ventura, Nate Knauf, Taft Weber-Kilpack, Ashley Alred, Bailey Becker, Abhi Soni, Matthew Wolfsen, Tyler Lochan, Ashley Coenen, Sat Balachander.

YDSA Personnel

Members of the YDSA Members closed Facebook group, as of February 13, 2018 included Nate Knauf.[5]

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Nate Knauf was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

YDSA convention

Metro Atlanta was represented at the YDSA national convention in Minneapolis Aug. 4-5 by Ga. Tech YDSA chair Nate Knauf, vice-chair Amanda Olenczuk, U. GA interim co-chair Harrison Finch, and Matthew Wolfsen.[6]

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Nate Knauf was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.



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