Nate Gooden

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Nate Gooden

Nate Gooden was a Vice President of United Auto Workers and was a member of the NAACP and the Democratic Socialists of America. Upon his death in 2006, the New York Times described Gooden as an “activist for the Democratic Party”.[1]

DSA Member

Democratic Left, Convention Issue 1999, Page 8

During a Eugene V. Debs dinner celebrating Nate Gooden and Saul Wellman, Nate Gooden "was pleased to accept a two year membership in DSA".[2] Other speakers at the dinner included Bill Fletcher, assistant to AFL-CIO president John Sweeney, and DSA National Director Horace Small.

Saluting Democratic Left


UAW leaders Stephen Yokich (President), Ruben Burks (Sec-Treasurer), and Vice Presidents Elizabeth Bunn, Ron Gettelfinger, Nate Gooden, Bob King and Richard Shoemaker, placed an advertisement in Democratic Socialists of America's Democratic Left, Winter 2001, "The men and women of International Union, UAW salute Democratic Left - A strong voice for social and economic justice". [3]