Naomi Zauderer

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Naomi Zauderer

Naomi Zauderer is Associate Executive Director, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY.

DSA "Socialized medicine" forum

The New York City Democratic Socialists of America local’s most successful event in 2008 was a forum called “Socialized Medicine? You Bet!” at Judson Memorial Church, with NYS Assembly Dean and Health Committee chair Dick Gottfried and DSAers Naomi Zauderer of the New York Professional Nurses Union, Jeff Gold of the Health Care for All Campaign, and, from the Midwest Academy, "organizing legend" Steve Max. The local has joined the campaign against the privatization of two health insurance programs (GHI and HIP) that serve 93% of city workers and retirees as well as other New Yorkers. They held a second forum on that issue with YDS and the N.Y. chapters of Democracy for America and Progressive Democrats of America. [1]


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