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Nancy Dung Nguyen

Nancy Dung Nguyen is the Director at VietLead. Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Shee is currently the branch manager of BPSOS Delaware Valley, the community-based branch office of the largest national Vietnamese organization in the U.S. The organization “equips, organizes, and empowers” the Vietnamese community in the area through youth empowerment and organizing through a lens of social justice and anti-violence, health promotion and navigation, civic engagement, and community building projects.

In addition, Ms. Nguyen has had an array of experiences working and volunteering in non-profits in Northern Mexico, Vietnam, and the U.S. that work to end violence in communities, especially against women and young people. Ms. Nguyen received part of Oberlin College C/O 2005, graduating with a BA in history and creative writing. In 2007, she received her MA at the University of Wisconsin Madison in Southeast Asian studies. She continues to organize youth and her community towards a vision of a community free from all forms of violence.[1]

She currently works as a 1Love Movement organizer as part of the Southeast Asian Freedom Network's campaign to end the deportation of Southeast Asian refugees.

Memphis Solidarity Brigade

The Memphis district of Freedom Road brought together cadre from around the nation to support a local organizing effort, Memphis For All, to apply our line and strategy to local elections. The Path to Power Memphis for all Solidarity Brigade took place in mid-July 2018 to culminate with an early voting canvassing effort.

Thomas Wayne Walker May 29 2018:

yo!!! i'm excited to invite y'all to sign up for a program focused on learning, on-the-ground, about building political power as leftists, revolutionaries and radicals in working class communities of color that are left out & shut out of politics. the path to power memphis solidarity brigade will combine training & actual field work in support of justice organizations engaging in electoral work to build power, like memphis for all, labor unions, and more. you can sign up at this link

it's listed as wednesday 7/18-sunday 7/22, but the real programming is focused on thursday 7/19-saturday 7/21. housing and food are supported, and other support is available. i'm hoping especially to get folks from tennessee to do it, so we can start really thinking about building a #tennesseeforall. hit me up if you're interested, apply now to get in on this.


Thomas Wayne Walker, Jyoti Gupta, Lindsey Glenn Krinks, Whitney Washington, Briana Perry, Anna Carella, Ramon J. Ryan, David Alex Hayes, Elizabeth Stanfield, Dana Smith, Anne Barnett Josh Adams, Ashley Caldwell, Erica Renee, Deja Foster Justin A. Davis Justin Jones, Sj Payne, Salma Mirza, Jasmine Wallace, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Chris Brooks, Haley Greenwell, Odessa Kelly. Aaron Gamal, Cazembe Jackson, Eliott Geary. Frank W. Johnson, John Emery, Allie Cohn, Calvin Cheung-Miaw.

215 People’s Alliance canvassers

215 People’s Alliance May 17, 2015 · Edited:


Yesterday we completed our goal of knocking on every door in 8 divisions in the 9th Councilmatic District. Here's the canvas crew minus Nancy Dung Nguyen and Teresa Engst who were already out in the field. Alexa Ross, Ralph Branch, Todd Wolfson, Emily Mayer, Bryan Mercer, Patricia Eakin.

215 People’s Alliance

215 People’s Alliance May 18, 2015:

Only 1 day left until Election Day. Here is Nancy Nguyen on why she is going to #VoteJustice tomorrow:


"A vote for these candidates is a vote for a just Philadelphia. I'm voting justice on Tuesday because we need a team who will work together to fight for all of us."

"The Guardians"

City Paper October 21, 2010 Big Vision Award "The Guardians" : AAU with SASA! — with Joan May T. Cordova, Judy At Aau, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Wei Chen, Ellen Somekawa, Helen Gym, Alison Sprague and Xu Lin

Campaign for Nonviolent Schools

Erika Almirón Niz March 10, 2011:


On March 30th the Campaign for Nonviolent Schools is sponsoring a mobilization to say "Fund our schools, not our prisons." We're meeting at 4pm at 13th and Filbert, and then... we march! — with Sonia M. Rosen, Ria Love, Caitlin Corbin, Joe Hill, Shanee Garner Nelson, Bunmi Samuel, Daniel Santiago, Natalie Almiron, SuperiorJolie Jay, Lanae Tamara Scott, Miguel Esteban Andrade, Kissy Kis, Norm Scott, Sharnell Barnett, Mariah Marie, Ito Almiron, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Fred Yuc, Leticia Al, Xu Lin, Kenya Mallory, Anna Marie Guyton, Ronald Blount, Bonnee Breese Bentum, Jordan Harris, Tiffany Bacon, Derrick Taylor, Victor Saez, Jomyra Crespo, Jamira Burley, Minh Nguyen-Rivera, Donnell Regusters, Lacoya Fielder-Johnson, Keith Lomax, Ellen Somekawa, Norman Wallace, Sarah Morris, Julia Patton, Derrick Perry, Sr. and Joe Hanzsum.

The Brecht Forum

Ngo Thanh Nhan July 29, 2012:


All that's solid melts into air! — with Merle Ratner, Nancy Dung Nguyen and Trang Dang at The Brecht Forum.

Corbett protest

Asian Americans United May 12, 2012:


On Tuesday May 15th, Governor Corbett is coming to Prince Theater in Philadelphia to address the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. During his time as Governor, Corbett has made massive cuts to education, medical assistance, and social services while he is spending $685 million on new prison construction. His recent budget alone proposes $264 million in cuts to higher education, $319 millio... See More — with Lai Har Cheung, Xu Lin, Alice Vuong, Judy At Aau, Paul Socolar, Masaru Edmund Nakawatase, Erika Almiron Niz, Mica Root, Wei Chen, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Desi Burnette, Maxine Chang, Helen Gym, Betty Lui, Erika Funk, Ellen Somekawa, Joan May T. Cordova and Alix Mariko Webb.

Defending Asian students

Asian Americans United December 2, 2013:


On December 3rd, 2009, 26 Asian immigrant students were attacked both inside and directly outside of South Philadelphia High School. The students boycotted school for eight days, demanding accountability from school leadership. AAU worked with a strong and passionate team of allies to support the students. Most importantly, the students were unified, they stood strong and they didn’t back down…and... See More — with Alison Sprague, Duong Nghe Ly, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Wei Chen, Cecilia Chen, Neeta Patel, Xu Lin, Betty Lui, Masaru Edmund Nakawatase, Judy At Aau, Joan May T. Cordova, Ellen Somekawa, Helen Gym, Alice Vuong and Maxine J. Chang.


Asian Americans United November 3, 2014:

  1. PhillyAPIVote

Asian Americans United's youth group, the Chinese Youth Organizing Project (CYOP), during their training and preparation before their door knocking campaign in Chinatown Philadelphia and South Philadelphia.

With walkie talkies in hand, turf-divided maps, scripts, clipboards, voter information materials in English & Chinese, & courageous hearts, 2 dozen youth worked to empower Asia... See More — with Wei Chen, Stephanie Frank Singer, Duong Thang Ly, Stephen Magnotti, Duong Nghe Ly, Taylor Burckhalter, Lan Nguyen, Viet Luu, Linh Pham, Nancy Dung Nguyen, Miguel Rivera, Sarun Chan, Ellen Somekawa, Helen Gym, Minh Nguyen-Rivera, Annie Seng, Xue Yan Zhang, Xu Lin, Brandon Huynh and Miguel Esteban Andrade at Asian Americans United.

Viet leftists


Nancy Dung Nguyen August 19, 2016, with Trang Dang, Bay T. Nguyen, Teresa Engst and Huynh Amy.


Nancy Dung Nguyen August 19, 2016 ·

With Lan Dinh, Bay T. Nguyen, Long Luu, Wei Chen, Teresa Engst, Jenny Nguyen, Duong Nghe Ly and James Nguyen.

Progressive Philly Rising

When Hannah Jones - Maypop Collective was first approached about joining a newly-emerging progressive coalition in Philadelphia that was backing John Hanger for governor, she was conflicted. So when Progressive Philly Rising approached the Maypop Collective for support, "I moved past my initial hesitation and listened". They presented a long-term vision for progressive and working class power in Philadelphia that inspired and excited us in Maypop. We talked and thought and paced and questioned. We worked through the ways in which the fight for ecological justice in Philadelphia is inextricably linked with the fight for economic and racial justice. After much deliberation, we decided to join the coalition.

On February 1st, 2014, over 250 people gathered at Arch Street United Methodist Church for PPR’s first public event to hear about its vision. The event featured a host of community organizers from Philadelphia, including Nancy Dung Nguyen with Boat People SOS, Kia Philpot Hinton Hinton Hinton with Action United, Mohammad Shukur with the Unified Taxi Worker Alliance, Desi Burnette, an organizer for migrant justice, and others.

Nancy Dung Nguyen said : “I know that we in this room envision a city with strong public schools…where our jobs allow us to live dignified lives…A city with increased civic participation from all our marginalized folks – immigrants, young people, progressives, LGBTQ folks, African-Americans. I envision a city where we are all leading.”

The speakers at the event had no delusions that an elected savior could solve all our problems. Nancy, again, sums it up nicely: “We know that our work doesn’t stop now…We know that these are particular important milestones that we need to win as we grow in our work and develop ourselves.”.[2]

Ron Whitehorne February 3, 2014;


Wife Patty took this picture of me yesterday in which I appear to be a Methodist preacher. Not the case. Endorsing John Hanger at the Progressive Philly Rising event at Arch St. Methodist. Proud to share the podium with Nancy Dung Nguyen, Kia Philpot Hinton Hinton, Desi Burnette, Helen Gym, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Ociele Hawkins, Dina Yarmus, Ellen Somekawa and, of course, John Hanger. A spirited, multi-racial crowd of a couple of hundred people strongly identified with Hanger's call for a fight to defend public education, attack income inequality and end mass incarceration. Join Progressive Philly Rising and help build a new rainbow coalition in our town.



Nancy Dung Nguyen August 17, 2016 ·

First day with zero Roots programming crazy to handle - and I miss them all already!!! Thank you Rootsers 1.0 for an unforgettable summer; and the Rootsters 1.0 Staff Team for such an incredible and humbling learning experience. I was so challenged this summer to learn, see, practice differently - all through tears, laughter, and building a community based in love. It's like we're reconnecting as a whole new, more intentional ecosystem! See folks during the school-year! #notatFACTSthisAM #postprogramnostalgia — with Yuan Zou, Michelle Do, Lee Mai, Lan Dinh, Neary Narom and Duong Nghe Ly.

Revolutionary Strategies to Beat the Rising Right Wing

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Revolutionary Strategies to Beat the Rising Right Wing, was a nationwide conference call organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Sunday October 30, 2016.

What's the nature of this right-wing threat? What has this election cycle changed about the political terrain we're fighting on? How do we need to prepare for whats coming after the election? Hear about these crucial questions from our panel of top political strategists, including Nelini Stamp, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Linda Burnham, and Sendolo Diaminah.

Those indicating interest in attending, on Facebook included Nancy Dung Nguyen.[3]

Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward


Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward was a phone in webinar organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization in the wake of the 2016 election.

Now what? We’re all asking ourselves that question in the wake of Trump’s victory. We’ve got urgent strategizing and work to do, together. Join Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson of the Movement for Black Lives and Freedom Road, Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Jodeen Olguin-Taylor of Mijente and WFP, Joe Schwartz of the Democratic Socialists of America, and Sendolo Diaminah of Freedom Road for a discussion of what happened, and what we should be doing to build mass defiance. And above all, how do we build the Left in this, which we know is the only solution to the crises we face?

This event will take place Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific.

Those invited, on Facebook included Nancy Dung Nguyen.[4]