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Movement Voter Project is a service to donors – from grassroots individual donors to major donors and foundations. We talent-scout both national movement-building efforts and local efforts in all 50 states that are focused on voter engagement.

These are organizations where an extra $10 or $100,000 will make the greatest difference for achieving progress in keeping our democratic institutions viable and accountable, and on issues like economic fairness, environmental sustainability, racial justice, immigrant rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and access to healthcare.

Our work, and the work of the organizations we highlight, is ongoing, and our name reflects that. That’s why we go not only by the MVP moniker, but by the year we face: In our founding year, we were Movement 2016, we are Movement 2017, and will become Movement 2018, and so on. Our project is committed to both short-term gains and long-term change.

We spent six months in 2016, and consulted over 50 experts, to develop a list of local movement-building efforts, a list that continues to grow and be refined. Specifically, we have sought organizations that are:

1. Trusted messengers who organize year-round on local and national issues that have deep salience to their local constituencies (racial and criminal justice, immigrant rights, college affordability, climate, living wages, etc.).

2. Rooted in the communities they serve and organize (low-income communities, communities of color, immigrants, youth and students, renters, etc.).

3. Committed to voter engagement (voter registration, voter education, voter turnout, and election protection).

4. Experienced in deploying proven high-touch, face-to- face voter organizing techniques at scale.

5. Collaborative, and known to “play well with others” organizationally.[1]


Team, as of October 2019.

Movement Voter Project Leadership, as of January 24, 2018;[3]

Advisory Board

Movement Voter Project Advisory Board members, as of January 24, 2018;[4]