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Morton Stavis was an identified Communist Party USA member and attorney.

Morton Stavis has been a longtime law firm partner of such Communist sympathizers/marxist radicals as William Kunstler, Arthur Kinoy and Peter Weiss, among others. The law firm has been named "Kunstler, Kinoy, Hirschkopf, Stavis and Weiss", as well as variations thereof when other partners joined or left (i.e. William Kunstler's brother Michael Kunstler died while a member of the firm.


As at March, 1982, the following served on the Board of Directors of SANE:[1]

Center for Constitutional Rights

The Center for Constitutional Rights (originally "Law Center for Constitutional Rights") was founded in November 1966 by attorneys Morton Stavis, Arthur Kinoy, Ben Smith and William Kunstler, whose legal work representing civil rights activists in Mississippi convinced them of the need for a privately funded legal center to undertake innovative, impact litigation on behalf of popular movements for social justice.

Robert Boehm, whoworked with the CCR from its inception, was instrumental in the effort to turn the vision of the founders into a reality. Peter Weiss became part of CCR early in its history and has played an outstanding role, especially in the area of international human rights.

Born out of the early experiences of its founders, CCR develops pro-active legal strategies to address pressing problems and ensure that the basic rights of all citizens are protected under the law. From the beginning, the Centre used innovative impact litigation to move the law forward and facilitate the construction of a more just society.[2]