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Morgan Soderberg (sometimes spelled Soderburg)

CPUSA Farm Commission meeting

CPUSA Farm Meeting Attendees.jpg

In December 1999, a Communist Party USA meeting was held at the May Day Bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the purpose of re-establishing the Communist Party USA Farm Commission.

Party members present were Erwin Marquit, Helvi Savola, Jack Brown, Peter Molenaar, Morgan Soderberg, Bill Gudex, Mark Froemke, Scott Marshall, Gary Severson, Mike Madden, Becky Pera, Charlie Smith and Tim Wheeler.[1]

Mark Ritchie (now Secretary of State for Minnesota) also attended and addressed the meeting. In a written report on the meeting by Tim Wheeler, Ritchie is referred to as a "non-party friend" of the Communist Party. The report was marked "not for publication". Click here for the entire report.[2]

Communist Party USA

In September 2006 the [Peoples Weekly World] listed several members of the Minnesota Communist Party USA:[3]

Bill Comiskey, Carol Sorflaten, David Bednarczuk, Dean Gunderson, Doris Marquit, Erwin Marquit, Gerald Erickson, Gina Socha, Harry McAllister, Jane Thomson, Janet Quaife, Michael Wood, Mick Gardiner, Morgan Soderberg, Mostafa Chat, Peter Molenaar, Robert Lippert, Salam Bushra.


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