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MonkeyWrench Books is a left wing bookshop based in Austin Texas.

"Women hold up half the sky"

Second from left Meli LaSalle, Norah Andrea La Torre, Ada Yaeger, and Michelle Uche second from right

With Meli LaSalle, Vonds Dubuisson, Ada Yaeger, Norah Andrea La Torre and Michelle Uche spoke at at MonkeyWrench Books, a radical bookstore in Austin Texas, March 2015.[1]

The event, "Women hold up half the sky" was hosted by Red Guards Austin.

Those indicating their intention to attend on Wherevent included Rachel Harris, Norah Andrea La Torre, Pamela Del Valle, Tee Luke, Alma Buena, Sophia Nachalo, Christina Crowley, Gillian Poirot, Merryn McNeil, Ashley Hurst, Anna Parris, Marleen Villanueva, AuDee Salinas, Annaliese Krumnow, Lynn Cowles, Caroline Eck, Victoria Grefer, Amanda Vickery, Joshua Mayhew, Dallas Hogan, Collin Pelletier, Julian Copado, Scott Grimes, Ramsey Doany, Kyle Joseph, Facundo Rompe, Karl Herrera, Nick Sheffield, Joseph Robertson, Devin E. Mardvich, Scan Reason, Maria Lorena Barros, Lindsay J. Porter, Benjamin Blowe, Staso Stubljar, Steven Walters, Zach Guerinot.[2]

Ugly Holiday Sweater Dinner Party: Benefiting Monkeywrench Books!

2500 Nueces St, Austin Saturday 5 December 2015, organized by MonkeyWrench Books.

MonkeyWrench books is a unique community resource within Austin for anyone who's ever questioned the status quo. We have a considerable stock of texts on social issues in America and abroad on a wide range of topics; from politics to gender, and from racism to economics.
We're back with our fourth annual holiday benefit dinner! We do this not only because we love ugly holiday sweaters, but also because we enjoy putting on events for the community and we need your support in order to continue doing just that.

Those indicating attendance on the Wherevent website included Rocio Villalobos, Dianna Tavera, Marleen Villanueva, Anna Parris, Leah Grossman, Stephanie Salazar, Sophia Nachalo, Ena Ganguly, Schuyler Heinsohn, Patrick Parker, Colin Jenkins, Thomas Butler, Will Slade, Sandeidra Green, Freddie Blood, Karl Herrera, Raul-Martinez Patlan, Äki Spaghetti, Jim Ellinger, Kristian Caballero, Jonathan Lowell. [3]