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Monique Sampson nee Monique Williamson is the wife of Michael Sampson.

Abortion rally

Over 1000 people gathered in emergency response at the Duval County Courthouse, downtown Jacksonville, just hours after the Supreme Court announced their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday, June 24.

The mass protest and march were coordinated by the Jacksonville Community Action Committee (JCAC), Women’s March North Florida, Florida Access Network. Florida House Representatives Angie Nixon and Tracie Davis attended and spoke against the Supreme Court decision.

Tionna Jefferson, with UNF Students for a Democratic Society aid, “We are at a pivotal time in history, rent is at an all-time high, wages have stagnated, healthcare is a luxury, and now we don’t even get to make decisions about our own bodies, with all of these attacks on us, the poor and working class.”

Monique Sampson, representing the JCAC also expressed how at this time it is still relevant to hold the police accountable. [1]

"Unite and fight violence against Asian Americans!"

San Jose, CA - On Sunday, April 11, at 2 p.m. Pacific / 5 p.m. Eastern, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! is hosting an online program about the wave of violence against Asian Americans; violence which led to the recent massacre of eight people, six of whom were Asian American women near Atlanta, Georgia.

Four community organizers: David Monkawa, Progressive Asian Network for Action, in Los Angeles; Monique Sampson, Freedom Road Socialist Organization in Jacksonville, Florida; Daisy Sim, Tallahassee Community Action Committee, Tallahassee, Florida, and Masao Suzuki, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, San Jose, California, will be speaking on how to fight anti-Asian American violence, understanding its historical roots, and building unity among Asian Americans and solidarity with other oppressed nationalities.[2]

Protest against HB1

On March 2 2021, the first day of Florida legislative session, over 30 cars from Jacksonville joined with hundreds of protesters from around the state to rally against House Bill 1/Senate Bill 484, the repressive, anti-speech and racist legislation proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the right-wing Florida legislature.

Activists and groups under the banner of the “Florida Alliance” from the Jacksonville Community Action Committee, Tallahassee Community Action Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Sound Miami, Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward County, Pensacola Community Action Committee, Tampa Bay Community Action Committee, Leon County Democrats, Answer Coalition Suncoast, as well as representatives from Our Revolution, the Emergency Campaign for Free Speech and Party for Socialism and Liberation - Tampa Bay all spoke to the crowd about the need for this bill to be defeated.

The crowd was also joined by Black State Representatives Michele Raynor Goolsby from the St. Pete area, Angie Nixon from Jacksonville and Travais McCurdy from Orlando, all who spoke in opposition to HB1, praising protesters for coming out. All those state representatives were elected last fall, after the George Floyd rebellion.

“You are all doing the work,” said Representative Michele Raynor Goolsby.

Protesters chanted, “Kill the bill,” and “DeSantis, resign, resign! Protesting is not a crime.”

“We must defeat this bill by any means necessary,” said Monique Sampson, who spoke on behalf of FRSO. “This bill seeks to criminalize our movement and they’re introducing it because they fear the power we have. We must see it defeated.”[3]

Fight Back! supporter

Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! is a Facebook group for readers and supporters of Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! the newspaper of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!

As of July 5 2020 members included Monique Sampson.



Monique Sampson and Michael Sampson were in Cuba in 2019.

SDS convention

Jacksonville, FL – On September 20 2019 , New Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) chapters from across the United States convened at the University of North Florida to reaffirm their commitment to student organizing and to discuss ways to, "Stop Trump, Stop Racism, Stop U.S. Military and Police Terror." The conference peaked at over 80 students with a dozen chapters represented.

Matthew Wheat, a new member of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society, stated, “This was my first SDS convention. I was so happy to interact with and get to know other SDS members from around the country. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of SDS, a group that is on the front lines of progressive change. I look forward to fighting bigotry and tyranny with a message of solidarity.”

The SDS convention was a think tank of conversations and exchange of ideas to inspire us and tell us to keep going. It is a reminder that student activists are here to stay and that we are not alone. We're on the right - no pun intended - track. Let's push things forward,” said Gabriela Medina from University of Texas Arlington Progressive Student Union.

“The SDS convention was an amazing show of student activism from around the country. We got to learn from each other’s struggles and make goals to build movements on our campus,” said Monique Sampson, of North Florida Students for a Democratic Society chapter, which hosted the convention.[4]

Removing white supremist monuments

New Florida Majority, Streamed live on May 16, 2018'

Florida majorityvvvvvvvvvvvv.JPG

The New Florida Majority & #TakeEmDownJax host an online discussion about the efforts to remove white supremist monuments from our public spaces ahead of Thursday's 40-mile, three day march from Jacksonville to St. Augustine as well as the connection to institutionalized racism and how Jacksonville’s organizers are fighting back!

Guests featured include:

Jacksonville action

On Thursday night, Nov. 9 2017, the Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network (JPSN) protested in Jacksonville outside of an event celebrating the creation of the apartheid state of Israel, and which hosted the grandson of the first prime minister of Israel, Alon Ben-Gurion.

Despite harsh weather conditions, 20 community activists and organizers with JPSN came out in front of the synagogue to show that there is opposition to the occupation of Palestine. Speakers included members of the Jacksonville Community Action Committee, UNF Students for a Democratic Society and others.

JPSN organizer Sara Haj-Yahia led chants such as “One, two, three four! Occupation no more! Five, six, seven, eight! Stop the Zionist settler state!” and “Displacing lives since ‘48! There’s nothing here to celebrate!”

“I thought it was amazing to see people speaking out against apartheid. I hope I can attend more events like this in the future,” said Monique Williamson, with the Jacksonville Community Action Committee.[5]

Palestine panel

On Dec. 2, 2017, over 45 people gathered at the University of North Florida in the Student Union Building for a panel hosted by the Jacksonville Palestine Solidarity Network (JPSN). The panel was focused on explaining the Balfour declaration and its ramifications. The Balfour declaration was a statement the British government issued in 1917 announcing support for building a Zionist state in Palestine.

Sara Haj-Yahia, co-founder of JPSN and member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!, moderated the event. Haj-Yahia stated, “This event was vital with the current political climate regarding the colonization of Palestine. Attendance was great and shows that the community here is ready and capable of furthering the fight for Palestinian liberation.”

Haj-Yahia continued, “Ahead of the current administration's plans to recognize Palestinian Al-Quds [Jerusalem] as the capital of the colonial state of Israel, it’s really important for there to be local efforts working against normalization.”

There were three other panelists along with Haj-Yahia. They included Fern Figueroa, a leading member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! who helped in the defense of Palestinian freedom fighter Rasmea Odeh; Monique Williamson, president of UNF Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); and a representative of the Palestinian Youth Movement USA chapter.[6]