Mobilization to End Poverty

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The Mobilization to End Poverty Conference was held in Washington, D.C. from April 26 - 29, 2009, and was hosted by Sojourners and sponsored by World Vision.


Worship was held at Shiloh Baptist Church on April 26. Training sessions took place at the Washington Convention Center on April 29. In addition, plenary sessions, Capitol Hill meetings, and networking opportunities took place, with an estimated 1,000 in attendance.


The following were speakers at the conference:[1]

President Barack Obama was also invited to give a major address on poverty at the conference.

Workshop Leaders

The following were workshop leaders at the conference:[2]

Peace and Poverty:

Economy and Poverty:

Immigration, Migration and Poverty:

Women and Poverty:

Environment and Poverty:

Healthcare and Poverty:

Race and Poverty:

Global Poverty and the MDGs:

Training Session Leaders

The following were training session leaders at the conference:[3]

Advanced Social Justice Advocacy :

HIV & AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis: Enemies of the Millenium Development Goals:

Humans and the Environment: Our Impact, Our Mission:

Theological Dialogue:

Organizing a City-Wide Faith & Justice Network:

Organizing a Community Wide Outreach:

Voice & Vocation: Discerning and Living Your Call:


The following organizations were sponsors of the conference:[4]


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