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Mitch Henry is the brother of Joe Henry.

Iowa comrades


Joe Henry is with Travis Smith and Rita Vargas, Christine Nobiss, Hannah Weiss, Sean Bagniewski, Mitch Henry, Heather Ryan, Shelly Servadio Elias, Susan Henry, Steve Villatoro, Luisita Dona Thompson, Larry McBurney, Reyma McCoy McDeid, Al Womble, Nicholas Salazar, Michael Reyes, Cristal Juliana Garcia.

A year ago today, we joined with 300 young activists, many of which were students, to protest Trumps visit to Drake University. Little did we know then that these young people would join in coalition with the BLM movement to demand an end to police violence and to fight for structural changes in city government. 20,000 young people in 2020 registered to vote in Des Moines. That was a 15% increase in registered voters in a one year period, a significant turning point for electoral politics which will become evident in local elections later this year, from school board to city council elections.[1]

Des Moines council pressure


Joe Henry June 9 2020.

The City Council hasn’t been listening to the citizens of Des Moines and failed to pass a strong ordinance on Monday to ban racial profiling and a number of key elements to ensure citizen oversight.

We will have another opportunity to speak up in the coming weeks. Please contact your council member today and urge him/her to ban racial profiling, adopt a citizen review board and end police brutality.

Need more information, call or text me at 515-208-7312.

With Jack Hatch, Betty Andrews, Raquel Chavez, Billy Weathers, Susan Henry, Jessicat Voice Over, Mitch Henry, Ed Fallon, Kathy Byrnes.

Castro connection

Hola America April 15, 2019 ·


Presidential candidate Julian Castro is the guest for the Asian and Latino Coalition 2020 Conversations tonight. 📸 Tar Macias/Hola Iowa — with Prakash Kopparapu, Chelsea Chism-Vargas, Mitch Henry, Amanda Lovan and Joe Henry.

Asian & Latino Coalition Legislative Breakfast

Mitch Henry January 28, 2017 ·

Asian & Latino Coalition Legislative Breakfast.


with Joe Bolkcom, June Owens, Rick Smith, Michael McKinley, Paula Hutton McKinley, Tom Henderson, Skip Moore, Mary Campos, Joe Henry & Kerry Bowen

Iowa State Capitol - 1/24/2017

Asian & Latino Coalition

Mitch Henry is Co-founder and communications director of the Asian & Latino Coalition.

The coalition, led in part by Henry, is the first stop for many of the potential presidential candidates already flooding the state. Both he and the coalition, which he helped found, are considered among the best links to some of Iowa’s traditionally underrepresented communities. Henry has helped grow the coalition from its inception in December 2015 to include more than 300 paid members. The group can put together an event on short notice and ensure those members turn out. Look for it to endorse early and put its power behind its candidate.

Bernie backers

Mitch Henry January 16, 2016 ·


With Maria Bribriesco, Bernie Sanders, Hector A. Sal, Christian Ucles and Joe Henry.