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Mimi Turchinetz

Mimi Turchinetz is a Massachusetts activist. Campaign Director at Boston Tax Help Coalition, City of Boston Earned Income Tax Coalition, Mayor's Office of Jobs & Community Services. Previously she was with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.


Studied at New England School of Law.


In 1982 Mary McCann, with University of Maryland, College Park Progressive Student Alliance, and Mimi Turchinetz addressed the annual Progressive Student Network conference at Wayne State University, Michigan. From Radical Student Union, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, on "Building unity on campus".[1]

Democratic Party activist

Boston City-council races may be nonpartisan in theory, but the 1999 campaign to replace Councilor Tom Keane in District Eight, which includes the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Fenway, and Mission Hill, could end up looking a lot like a clash between parties.

That's because Suzanne Iannella, the front-runner, is that rare thing in local politics: a Republican. And one of her strongest opponents, Alana Murphy, has been active in Democratic Party politics for years. If both make it through the preliminary, Murphy could turn the party issue to her advantage.

"She reflects more of the community than Suzanne potentially does," argues Mimi Turchinetz, a party activist and friend of Murphy. "The thing about Alana is that she has a history. She has been around a long, long time."

Capuano connection?

Mike Capuano with Mimi Turchinetz,‎‎ 2013

Supported Tito Jackson


In 2013 Mimi Turchinetz supported Tito Jackson's Boston Mayoralty campaign. As she herself stood for Council.

A little bit of rain did not dampen the spirits of the crowd at Tito Jackson's turkey fry this afternoon. If you wanted to find the Mayoral candidates it was the place to be. We were also pleased to be joined by US Senate candidate Ed Markey. Let's bring that enthusiasm to the voters and work for a good turn out in September. Check out mimiforcouncil and like me on my mimifor council Facebook page!

"Roxbury Rally for Good Jobs! Stop Gentrification and Eviction!"

65 Warren St, Boston, Monday 6 October 2014, 17:00, organized by Boston Jobs Coalition

The Boston that we love is increasingly unaffordable for poor and working class people in our neighborhoods. Meanwhile, billions of new dollars are flowing into the city to develop luxury housing and high end commercial space. We demand a Right to the City...

Those signalling their intention to attend on Wherevent included Phillip Reason, Andy Moxley, An Duong, Ester Serra Luque, Tu Anh Phan, Sarita Simpson, Aslin Perez, Rene E. Mardones, Jeffrey Nunes,Woody J. Vainqueur, Nodeos Sully, Allistair Mallillin, Hendrix Rose Berry, Jamie Bergeron, Christine Maguire, Lorrayne Shen, Carl Williams, Seth Newman, Amy Banelis, Steve Kirschbaum, Marv McMoore, Jr., Remy Valeros, Edmond Caldwell, Angela Kelly, Demianna Angelica Secondino, Peter Scott Rider, Dana Mendes, Jeff Durham, Mattie Loyce, Timothy Hall, Donald Cronin, Deborah D. Dancy, Philip Stango, Austin Williams, Monicka Majesky, LaDarro LD Hagans, Remy Valeros, Chandana Cherukupalli, Jean Charles, Teenah Maria Denyse, Gul Hatt, Priscilla Banks, Leon Rivera, Jason Lydon, Bhavin Patel, David Noiles, Lisa Husniyyah Owens Pinto, Sara Sheridan, Carolyn Chou, Curtis Rollins, Mukaji Gigi, Brian Shea, Carolyn Chou, Mike Horne, Chrislene DeJean, Mary Jo Connelly, Elizabeth Saunders, Leonardo March, Matt Parker, Jeffrey Nunes, Frank Neisser, Karen Narefsky, Crystal Rizzo, Mimi Turchinetz, Doyle Canning, Ashley Rose, Nodeos Sully, Darnell Johnson, Handel Dixon, Exkluzive Sanchez , Gianluca Baù, Troy Neves, Clayton Nino Brown, Sheena Collier, Judith Glaubman.[2]


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