Million Student March

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Million Student March

The Million Student March joined with the Black Liberation Collective for a march on April 13 2016.

"In order to win free college and see an end to institutional racism, we need a UNITED mass movement of students, workers, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, and immigrants. We need to unite and say 'education is a human right!'"[1]


The demands of the march according to the website:

  • Tuition-Free Public College
  • Cancellation of ALL Student Debt
  • A $15 Minimum Wage for ALL Campus Workers
  • Divestment from Private Prisons by ALL Colleges and Universities


The following were listed as supporters for the Million Student March:[2]

Darletta Scruggs

Darletta Scruggs was an organizer for the Million Student March. She spoke with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business Channel about the march in April, 2016. She was quoted as saying in part:

“Well, that’s always the excuse that is often being told. We don’t have the money for anything… What the system has shown us, and particularly the system of capitalism, [is] that it cannot produce any substantial quality of life no matter how hard you work… We see one million students last year alone default on their student loans. $176 million were garnished from working people’s wages to pay back student loan debts… maybe we need a new system because it isn’t working.” [3]