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Mike Ferner is an Ohio activist.

El Salvador connection

When El Salvadorean union leader Pedro Cruz, North American representative of the National Federation of El Salvadorean Workers, visited Toledo in May 1990, the vist was sponsored by the Toledo Area Committee on Central America, and City Council member Mike Ferner. Cruz met with an aide to Marcy Kaptur, and prevailed upon local unions to get her to vote for the proposed 50%a cut in military aid to El Salvador, then before Congress. [1]


In 1998 Mike Ferner, was an organizer for the Farm Labor Organizing Committee[2].

Obama Supporter

In 2008, Ferner, a "Writer and activist from Ohio, and former union organiser" told British website Socialist Worker Online;[3]

‘The most important thing Obama’s campaign offers is the way it has inspired millions of people to become active, to expect more, to work hard with many people towards something larger than yourself – in short, to gain a sense of purpose.

Obama has shown too often that his policies differ little from the status quo. But who knows today what forces the hopes and dreams of this campaign may have unleashed?

Independent Progressive Politics Network

In 2009 Mike Ferner served on the Advisory Committee of the Independent Progressive Politics Network[4].

Veterans for Peace contact

In 2010 Mike Ferner was listed as Ohio contact for Veterans for Peace:[5]

2010, Vietnam visit

In 2010, circa March, a delegation from Veterans for Peace visited Vietnam.

Paul Cox, the leader of the group, fought with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam.

Other members of the delegation, all members of Veterans for Peace, were Susan Schnall, a former Navy nurse who tended wounded soldiers during the Vietnam war at a California Navy hospital, Michael Uhl, a former Army counter-intelligence officer who served in Vietnam, Ken Mayers, a former Marine Corps major who served in Vietnam and Geoff Millard, an Army National Guard soldier who served in Iraq.

The veterans were in Vietnam for two weeks to visit people suffering from Agent Orange exposure, members and leaders of the Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims Association (VAVA), public health workers and officials of the Vietnamese government. They are gathering information to make the case to the U.S. government that the Vietnamese people should be compensated for the pain and suffering endured as a result of being exposed to Agent Orange.

Mike Ferner, a former Navy hospital corpsman and president of Veterans for Peace, was also a member of the VFP delegation to Vietnam.[6]

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

In 2012 Mike Ferner served on the Board of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign.[7]