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May Day Greetings and Cinco de Mayo Greetings have been published by CPUSA newspapers for decades. These are "greetings" from their members, supporters, and possible dupes for the marxist traditional labor holiday, May Day (May 1st) and later for Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th).

The lists of May Day greetings are a valuable source for identifying CPUSA members, supporters, and some possible dupes, though anyone who allowed their name to be put into a "greeting" notice/ad in a CPUSA newspaper would have been well aware of who they were assocating with.

No name should automatically be assumed to be a member of the CPUSA. Links may prove CPUSA identifications from other citations for that name in the database, but it would be unwise to automatically attribute membership to them on the basis of just their inclusion on a CPUSA newspaper notice/greeting/ad.

Greetings by State

The following is a list of pages with May Day Greetings listed by their year of publishing:


A full two-page list of greetings from CPUSA members and supporters appeared in a May 1993 Special Supplement to the People's Weekly World. This supplement was not given a specific date of issue but usually appeared in a late April or early May edition. The greeting text read as follows,

"May Day Greetings to workers everywhere fighting for their unions and their jobs...Greyhound drivers who have won their three-year strike... Coal miners now on strike... and San Diego drywall strikers... Trinity Steel strikers in Bessemer, Alabama... And many others across the country.
We, the undersigned, petition President Clinton and the 103rd Congress to achieve the following:
  • Jobs for all job-seekers
  • Stop the job-destroying North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA
  • Affirmative Action to end race and sex discrimination
  • A single-payer national health care system like Canada's
  • A $150 billion 'peace dividend' and fair taxation of big business tax cheats
  • Outlaw employers use of scabs."

The following sent their greetings:

Miscellaneous names listed:


The following sent greetings with the following message,

"May Day 1998 People's Weekly World Special Supplement: Solidarity greetings to workers everywhere from the readers and staff of the World. Onward to building a stronger labor and people's movement that will be victorious over the right wing in the '98 elections."


The following greetings were published in the May 4, 2002 Issue of the Peoples Weekly World:


"Arizona's progressive community extends May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings to all our friends across the country. We commit ouselves to resist the Bush administration's drive for ever-increaing military spending and a neverending state of war. We must redouble our efforts to build a broad people's coalition that will drive the ultra-right out of Congress next November".

"Si' se puede!"


"From friends and comrades of Massachusetts to workers of the world..."

Other Greetings

May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings" - possibly from Pennsylvania:

In memory of Laura Weinstein 1911-2002:

In memory of Andrew R. Newhoff, who struggled all his life to give the working people a voice, the Newhoff family congratulates the PWW on May Day:

Many of these names also appeared in the May 1, 2009 May Day/Cinco de Mayo greetings that appeared in the Peoples Weekly World.

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