Maurice Sugar

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Maurice Sugar

Maurice Sugar Esq. of Michigan was a lawyer for the United Auto Workers Union. He was the husband of Jane Sugar.

Encouraging John Conyers

Detroit law partners Maurice Sugar and George Crockett, both lifelong affiliates of the Communist Party USA, encouraged the young John Conyers to first stand for Congress in 1964.[1]

Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner

On April 28, 1966 Maurice Sugar was a sponsor of the Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner. The dinner was held on the occasion of Herbert Aptheker's 50th birthday, the publication of his 20th book, and the 2nd anniversary of the American Institute for Marxist Studies. It was held in the Sutton Ballroom, The New York Hilton, Avenue of the Americas, 53rd to 54th Street, New York City. Most speakers, organizers and sponsors were known members or supporters of the Communist Party USA.[2]

Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center

As part of their legacy, Maurice and Jane Sugar endowed a foundation that provided the primary funds for the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center's first years.[3]


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