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Template:TOCnestleft Matt Boyntron is the partner of Stephanie Taylor.

MIRAC off to Cleveland and the RNC to Dump Trump

Bruce Nestor · July 17, 2016 ·


MIRAC off to Cleveland and the RNC to Dump Trump — with Adriana Cerrillo, Austin Jensen, Rosemary Williams, Rick Jacobs, Sarah Martin, Tracy Molm, Sara Beth Anderson, Maggie Kilgo, Maze De Raccoon, Florencio Campos, Matt Boyntron and Sophia Emily.

FightBack! supporter


In 2016, Matt Boyntron, and Katherine Elizabeth were Minneapolis supporters of FightBack! News, the newspaper of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!


Minneapolis, MN — On July 26 2014, dozens of Twin Cities activists gathered in South Minneapolis to support the University of Minnesota’s Students for a Democratic Society (UMN SDS) chapter in its push to promote and fundraise for the 2014 SDS National Convention. UMN SDS joined with local anti-war groups in organizing the community party to generate both funds and excitement for Minneapolis’ selection as the hosting site for the SDS National Convention in mid-October.

Students for a Democratic Society was re-formed in 2006. UMN SDS member Matt Boyntron said, “The anti-war community has supported us for years and we are happy they continue to not only support our chapter, but the national organization as well. We hope other SDS chapters can reach out to veteran activists in their own cities to both build relationships and generate a buzz around this year's SDS convention.”[1]