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Mary Ann Perez

Mostyn support

Annie’s List has had some success in bright-red Texas. In 2012, they recruited House candidates like Nicole Collier and Mary Ann Perez, whose victories were critical to breaking the GOP’s House supermajority. The $421,000 they funneled to Davis’s 2012 bitter reelection fight helped Democrats stave off a Republican supermajority in the Senate. Soon, Annie’s list will launch a down-ballot program to lard the lower ranks—school boards and city councils—with what they hope are future Wendy Davises. “She’s built an infrastructure that never really existed before, and made candidates like Wendy Davis possible,” said Burton. Begala noted Mostyn's promise, the day of Davis’s filibuster, to match all donations to Annie’s List made before midnight, which Garcia said raked in $70,000 after the match.

PowerPAC+ endorsement

PowerPAC+ endorsed Mary Ann Perez for Texas State Legislature in 2012;[1]

Mary Ann Perez is a progressive community leader currently serving on the Houston Community College board, a seat she won by 44 votes in a hard-fought race where she was backed by the social justice organization Texas Organizing Project (a successor organization of sorts to Texas ACORN). The TOP folks feel strongly about Mary’s race and are doing an independent expenditure campaign on her behalf.

PowerPAC+ supported Elected and Appointed Leadership

The list of PowerPAC+ leaders is growing.

Here are the social justice champions we have helped elect.