Marilyn Tucker

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Marilyn Tucker

Marilyn Tucker was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland (since 1970) and Wellington. Partner of Ken Douglas. Previously married to Ian Tucker.

Clinical Advisory Pharmacist at Compass Health.

Last SUP Central Committee meeting before split

Wellington March 1990.


Back Joe Tepania, Dave Arthur, Alan Ware, Ken Douglas, Graeme Whimp, Richie Gillespie, Doug McCallum, Jan Farr, Joe Tonner.

Front row Frank McNulty, Jack Marston, Marilyn Tucker, Robin Tate, Bruce Skilton, George Jackson, Bill Andersen.

Compact/SUP Labour ties

While Compact was being negotiated Labour and SUP leaders were close. Ken Douglas was close to Mike Moore the Compact's architect. Marilyn Tucker was close to Labour Party president Ruth Dyson. Don Farr, a Labourite CTU official was married to Jan Farr, a member of the SUP Central Committee and the editor of Tribune.[1]

Maori work

Marilyn Tucker (then named Spargo) led the NZ delegation (which included Polynesian Panther Norman Tuiasau) to the 1973 10th World Festival of Youth and Students in East Berlin.

In August 1980, Tucker and Maori activist Ripeka Evans were part of a delegation of six, representing various Maori organisations to Vanuatu’s Independence celebrations.

Tucker was a high flier in the SUP and was well regarded by the Soviets. She underwent training at Lenin’s institute for Higher Learning in Moscow and is alleged to have studied “National Question” politics there.

The SUP had few trusted Maori members in the late ’70s/early’80s, so as a senior comrade, Tucker was assigned to develop the SUP’s Maori policy.

She served on the SUP’s early “Commission on the National Question“.

In an article in the SUP’s theoretical journal “Socialist Politics” in 1983 entitled “The National Question: The Soviet Experience and its Lessons for New Zealand” Tucker wrote

“The struggles for full National Rights of the Maori people and against racism.. are an essential ingredient in the general struggle against state monopoly alliance… and in the longer term struggle for socialism…”.

Tucker later went on to become General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party.

Douglas partner

1991 Sept 23, PV analysed the SUP. Stated Douglas gets over $60,000 a year as CTU Pres. Marilyn Tucker shares Ken's home. Head of the Finance commission of the SUP Central Committee.


1987 July 7-9, Ken Douglas attended with Marilyn Tucker the meeting of Asian Pacific region communists in Ulan Bator.



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