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Marilyn Clement

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Palestine Human Rights Campaign

A brochure came out in early 1978 announcing "A National Organizing Conference" sponsored by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign to be held on May 20-21, 1978, at American University, with the theme of "Palestinian Human Rights and Peace".

The list of "Sponsors" was a mix of a several groupings including the Communist Party USA and its sympathizers, the World Peace Council, the Hanoi Lobby, black extremists, mainly marxists, radical Christians, and Arab/Arab-American organizations, plus a few phone-booth sized pro-Palestinian Christian groups.

Individual sponsors of the event included Marilyn Clement.

National Committee Peoples Alliance


Those Serving on the National Committee of the Peoples Alliance in 1978 included Marilyn Clement , Center for Constitutional Rights.

NCIPA (members who joined Peoples Alliance later on

A number of people who attended the Peoples Alliance Strategy Conference of November 9-11, 1979 later showed up as members of the National Committee for Independent Political Action. From the Sept.-Oct. 1984 NCIPA Newsletter we find these individuals listed on the NCIPA Steering Committee.

Affirmative Action Coordinating Center

The AACC was formed in 1979 as a joint project of the National Lawyers Guild, National Conference of Black Lawyers and the Center for Constitutional Rights. Director Gerald Horne was aided by CCR director Marilyn Clement, lawyers Randolph H. McLaughlin and Doris Peterson, and legal worker Claudette Furlonge who serve as AACC board members and advisers.[1]

People's Progressive Convention

In 1992, a "call" went out to leftist radicals and communist revolutionaries of various orientations to hold a national People's Progressive Convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan, August 21-23, 1992.

Endorsers included Marilyn Clement - Empower.

Michigan Medicare event

Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security and Medicare presented “Health Care for All,” a forum on Rep. John Conyers, Jr.’s U.S. National Health Insurance Act (HR 676) featuring Marilyn Clement (National Coordinator for Health Care NOW), Olivia Boykins (Special Assistant to Representative John Conyers, Jr.), and Democratic Socialists of America member Richard Shoemaker (retired UAW Vice-President and former director of the UAW General Motors Department and UAW Community Action Program) and moderated by Metro AFL-CIO President Saundra Williams—Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58 (1358 Abbott Street, Detroit). Conact for the event was Democratic Socialists of America member Maurice Geary.[2]

Interim National Council

As at April 2005, the following served as chairs on the National Council of the Labor Party:[3]

Independent Progressive Politics Network

In 2009 Marilyn Clement served on the Advisory Committee of the Independent Progressive Politics Network[4].


In 2009 Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator, Healthcare-NOW served as a co-chair on the board of directors of Healthcare-Now! .[5]