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Maria Asuncion Bilbao is a Florida activist. She is the wife of Mauro Kennedy and the mother of Tomas Kennedy.

Polo connection

Representative Cindy Polo - Florida House District 103 October 30, 2019 ·


— with Miramar Circle Of Protection and Wendy King, Bud Conlin, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Lily Ber, Carlos Naranjo.

Carlos Naranjo July 17, 2019 ·

Black and Brown migrants catching hell at Miramar ICE.

Some electeds dropped by, no press or photo ops, just to hand out water and Know Your Rights info with the Miramar Circle of Protection.


Same DHS absurd and callous claims about the "chaos" that is the necessary passing out of some water, pastries and fruit to folks bearing the heat and the uncaring impositions by With Cindy Polo and Mitchell Stollberg, Lily Ber, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Rosana Araujo, Bud Conlin, Peggy Mustelier, Jessica Garafola, Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Laurie Woodward Garcia.

Latino comrades

Tomas Kennedy April 28 2018:


With Lorena Tevalam, Nery Lopez, Jose Luis Santiago and Maria Asuncion Bilbao at 1776 NW 28th St, Miami, FL 33142, United States.

FLIC supporters

Tomas KennedyJanuary 28 2018:


‪Love is possible. #CleanDreamAct #DreamActNow #SaveTPS‬ — with Lorena Jofre, Lorena Tevalam, Roberto Benavides, Paula Munoz, Nery Lopez, Mariantonieta Chavez, Maria Angelica Ramirez Barrera and Maria Asuncion Bilbao at Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Backing Gillum

New Florida Vision PAC, August 23, 2018:

This election is our's to win. We just have to get out to vote and bring our friends with us!

Tag three friends to recruit them to vote #GillumforGovernor and be part of making history in Florida.

He's the people's choice who will raise the minimum wage, promote health-care-for-all, protect the environment, and call to impeach Donald Trump.

  1. BringItHome — with Andrea Mercado, Renee Mowatt, Ebony P. Donnley, Natalia Jaramillo, Andrew Gillum, Jamilyn Salonga Bailey, Jeronimo Saldana, Kelly Marie Fay Rodríguez, Elbert Garcia, Rosa Lozano and Cindy Wiesner.

Natalia Jaramillo added Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Kathy Bird Carvajal, Tomas Kennedy, Ivan Parra Zapata, Elizabeth Fernandez, Melissa Taveras, Francesca Menes, Jasmen M. Rogers-Shaw, Marcia Olivo, Eunic Ortiz, Roxey Nelson, Coyuca Jones


Maria Asuncion Bilbao November 18, 2018 ·

With Andrew Gillum, Tomas Kennedy, Melissa Taveras and Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones.

Climate change rally

Tomas Kennedy January 16, 2017 ·


With Badili Ifadoyin Jones-Goodhope, Eduardo Garces, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Fritzie Gaccione, Gregory Saint-Jean, Andrea Perez, Zenia Perez, Dawn Grayson and Rafael A. Velasquez.

Florida comrades


Francesca Menes, June 11 2016, with Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Umi Selah, Tia Oso, Gabriel Garcia-Vera, Alana Greer, Marleine Bastien, Meena Jagannath, Eel Kat, Esi Fynn-Obeng, Lis-Marie Gueguense, Ruth Jeannoel, Kathy Bird Carvajal, Tomas Kennedy, Natalia Jaramillo, Maria Rodriguez, LiLi Bach, Trina Jackson, Marcia Olivo, Daniel Agnew, Francois Alexandre, Karla De Anda, Valencia Gunder, Donald Anthonyson, Opal Ayo and Hulya Miclisse-Polat.

Supporting Jose Javier Rodriguez

Tomas Kennedy, April 4 2018;


‪The real progressive in the CD27 race is Jose Javier Rodriguez! Whether he is fighting against electricity monopolies like FPL, standing up for immigrants, protecting our environment, or defending labor unions, he can be counted on to be on the right side of the issues. Vote for him.‬ — attending Miami for Jose Javier: Fundraiser and Volunteer Kick-Off with Patrick Hidalgo, Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Maria Asuncion Bilbao and Mahrye Perez at 1306 Miami.

1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar


Miami Workers Center June 28, 2016 circulated an ad for 1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar;

If you clean houses or do you babysit in South Florida, it's time to learn about your rights! Sign up for free at the 1ra Asamblea De Trabajadoras Del Hogar-1st Domestic Workers Assembly in Miami next Saturday 23th of July

T. Claudia Gonzalez, Ale Sau, Natalia Jaramillo, Patricia Sosa, GuadaLupita De La Cruz, Rosana Araujo, Paula Munoz, Amrry Gonzalez, Adrian Madriz, Maria Rodriguez, Isabel Vinent Grimany, Paola Calvo Florido, Tomas Kennedy, Ada Bermejo, Andrea Mercado, Agua Panela, Serena Perez, Francisco Pitico Portillo, Viviana Ivalo, Gabriel Garcia-Vera, Claudia de Anda, Cynthia Selene Hernandez, Rita Mendez, Ivan Parra, Dian Y. Alarcon, Candy Ironworker, Jacqui Carmona, Jeanette Smith, Yaquelin Mela Lopez, Lis-Marie Gueguense, Marcia Olivo, Mauro Kennedy, Laura J. Lopez-Coache, Bertha Sanles Wilson, Daniella Levine Cava, Julio Calderon, Elbert Garcia, Helene Villalonga, Karla De Anda, Jonathan Fried, Levis Torres, Kathy Bird Carvajal, John De Leon, Luisana Perez-Fernandez, Armando Carrada, Sarai Portillo, Saul Aleman, Maria Asuncion Bilbao and Latina Comunica.

"Calling all Dreamers"


Latina Comunica issued a November 30, 2016 call;

What's going to happen with DACA and DREAMers after Trump? Come get informed and invite your friends!!! RSVP here: — with Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Dian Y. Alarcon, Adriana Martinez, Jeanette Smith, Armando Carrada, Tomas Kennedy, Saul Aleman, Carloss Roberto A, Gabriel Garcia-Vera, Yaquelin Mela Lopez, Rita Mendez, Isabel Vinent Grimany, Cata Santiago, Bertha Sanles Wilson, Viviana Ivalo, Diego Ramirez, Aldo Martinez, Natalia Jaramillo, Elbert Garcia, Kathy Bird Carvajal, Francesca Menes, Mauro Kennedy, Maria Rodriguez, Luisana Perez-Fernandez, Karla De Anda, Diego N. Sanchez, Marcia Olivo, Rosana Araujo, Ivan Parra, Helene Villalonga, Lis-Marie Gueguense, Claudia Saucedo, Tomas Elias Pendola Biondi, Roberto Benavides, Paola Calvo Florido, Agua Panela, Julio Calderon, Paula Munoz and Jonathan Fried.

People's Lobby


Tomas Kennedy - first meeting of the People's Lobby — with Michael Wanek, Stephen Gonzalez, Nicolle Brito, Erin Berry, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Daniela Martins, Matias Pareja and Bret Berlin at New Florida Majority, November 2016.

Miami Workers Center supporters


Miami Workers Center - Tomorrow is #GiveMiamiDay! Now more than ever we need your contribution so we can keep working in 2017 to demand local policies that protect Miami's women, girls and femmes.

We need you! Starting tonight at midnight, please consider giving to the Miami Workers Center here: — with Nilu Choudhury, Tomas Kennedy, Cindy Wiesner, Julia Dawson, Serena Perez, Luisana Perez-Fernandez, Karla De Anda, Julia Daniel, Kathy Bird Carvajal, Gihan Perera, Hashim Benford, Marcia Olivo, Sarai Portillo, Camilo Mejia, Maria Rodriguez, Andrea Mercado, Daniela Saczek, Carla Hansack, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, Trenise Bryant, Natalia Jaramillo, Viviana Ivalo, Miami Girls Foundation and Move to End Violence.

Joe Garcia connection

Rosana Araujo May 28, 2016 ·


With Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Luisana Perez Fernandez, Mauro Kennedy and Tomas Kennedy.

Drivers licence campaign

Maria Asuncion Bilbao December 7, 2014 ·

Hello People:

Maniana Monday, December 8 at 7.30 in the afternoon we have our local meeting of the license driver's license at the offices of FLIC.

Many people were left out of the Executive Order and our Governor Rick Scott joined the lawsuit. .

So the fight continues for the 11 million!

I hope we can all participate! See you!!!


With Claudia Aguirre , Grace Amanda FLref , Frida Marina , Serena Perez , Amrry Gonzalez , Sonia T Moreno , Karla De Anda , Sandra Fernandez , Marcia Olivo , Bertha Sanles Wilson , Kathy Bird Carvajal , Nelly E. Medina Ramon , Jonathan Fried , Natalia Jaramillo , Patric Flores Ugarte , Felix Espinal , Ivan Parra , Rosana Araujo , Dian Y. Alarcon , Ivana Peon and Cecilia Chaar.

"Hate crimes"


Miami Workers Center December 13 2016 circulated a meme clalling for people to report "hate crimes"

Please share! If you or someone you know has been the victim of a hate crime, threats or discrimination during or after the elections, please report it! Fill this survey is anonymous and confidential

With Rosana Araujo, Dian Y. Alarcon, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Ada Bermejo, Karla De Anda, Felix Espinal, Claudia Saucedo, Jonathan Fried, Carla Hansack, Natalia Jaramillo, Viviana Ivalo, Gabriel Garcia-Vera, Bertha Sanles Wilson, Mayte Canino, Bianka Nora, Ruth Chalono, Cynthia Selene Hernandez, Aidil Oscariz, Andrea Mercado, Cindy Wiesner, Kathy Bird Carvajal, Jersey Garcia, Maria Angelica Ramirez Barrera, Camilo Mejia, Charo Valero, Jacqui Carmona, Alana Greer, Elbert Garcia, United Families and Latina Comunica.

Old comrades

Maria Asuncion Bilbao August 28, 2011 ·


With Sofia Florencia Palacios, Adrian Alonso Escarate Espinoza, Tomas Kennedy, Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez and Erika Grispino.