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Template:TOCnestleft Maria-Victoria Ramirez is a Florida activist.

"Disaster preparedness plan"

The New Florida Majority, April 23:


Hurricane Irma proved that South Florida residents, government & physical infrastructure are not prepared for a severe natural disaster. Join your neighbors & community members in creating a disaster preparedness plan for your neighborhood! — with Maru Lanao, Wakumi Douglas, Francesca Menes, Dwight Bullard, Roderick C. Kemp, Isheka Harrison, Jen Janeway, Steven Moreno Jones, Tameka Bradley Hobbs, Nancy Metayer, Richard Way III, Trenise Bryant, Jasmen M. Rogers-Shaw, Tanisha Osorto, Debra J. Toomer, Tomas Kennedy, Kellie Tigertail, Mariama Gregory, Maria-Victoria Ramirez, Emmanuel George, Kizzy Rock, Meena Jagannath, Marcia Olivo, Asa R. Rogers-Shaw, Eel Kat and Erick On-Sang.

Democracy Spring Miami

Kai Newkirk October 16, 2016 near Miami, FL ·

Democracy Spring is blooming in Miami. Beautiful training here today. Training team did great. The family is growing. Trainings also happened in Maine, New Hampshire, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, and West Virginia today.

Thanks to Florida New Majority for hosting the training, Ernesto Medina for hosting our national training and support team, and Andrea Perez for coordinating and stepping up as a first-time trainer!

Expect disruptors, Rubio.


"One person, one vote! Listen up and take note! Nonviolent action is the People's hope! Let's give the People hope!" ✊❤️✊ — with Dawn Grayson, Isabel Loaiza, Sarah D'Agostino, Pablo Menvielle, Justin Jacoby Smith, Julian Ospina and Maria-Victoria Ramirez.