Mahrye Perez

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Mahrye Perez

Supporting Jose Javier Rodriguez

Tomas Kennedy, April 4 2018;


‪The real progressive in the CD27 race is Jose Javier Rodriguez! Whether he is fighting against electricity monopolies like FPL, standing up for immigrants, protecting our environment, or defending labor unions, he can be counted on to be on the right side of the issues. Vote for him.‬ — attending Miami for Jose Javier: Fundraiser and Volunteer Kick-Off with Patrick Hidalgo, Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Maria Asuncion Bilbao and Mahrye Perez at 1306 Miami.

FLIC family

Tomas Kennedy July 28 2018:


‪The crew that’s going to radically change Florida politics. Florida Immigrant Coalition family.‬ — with Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Carlos Valnera, Lolalegriamaria Rodz, Paula Munoz, Isabel Vinent Grimany, Yaquelin Mela Lopez, Nery Lopez, Marleine Bastien, Mahrye Perez, Jasmen M. Rogers-Shaw, Julio Calderon and Tessa Petit.