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Madinah Wilson-Anton lives in Newark, Delaware. Married to Isaiah Anton.

Delaware Democratic Socialists of America May 10 2022.


Delaware gets to be the First State with paid family and medical leave! Thank you to DSA members Rep. Eric Morrison and Madinah Wilson-Anton and DSA endorsed Sen. Marie Pinkney and Rep. Larry Lambert for helping pass this through.

Bans Off Our Bodies Rally


Delaware Democratic Socialists of America May 14 2022.

It was great to see so many of our elected officials out at the Bans Off Our Bodies Rally in Wilmington today, including DSA members Councilwoman Shane Darby and Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton, DSA-endorsed Sen. Marie Pinkney, as well as Rep. Melissa Minor-Brown, Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, and Sen. Kyle Evans Gay (not pictured). Thank all of you so much for coming out and for using your voices to fight back against this GOP-packed Supreme Court’s unprecedented attack on abortion rights!

Delaware DSA endorsements

I’m imploring Delawareans to vote in these upcoming primaries for candidates who support universal health care. I’m supporting candidates who support Medicare for all:

All of them are endorsed by the newly-formed forming Delaware Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America: an organization I’m proud to help stand up in my community. I’m urging all my neighbors to vote for universal health care and only support and vote for candidates who are willing to support Medicare for all and universal health care.

Jonathan Kirch, Newark.[1]

YDSA connection


Madinah Wilson-Anton October 16, 2019 ·

I had a great time talking with DSA at UD last night! Thanks for inviting me to discuss why I’m running and the important issues facing our communities, like housing, workers' rights, and education.

Angela Davis connection